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Single Padfoot Drum Rollers

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A single padfoot drum roller is often the first choice for effective compaction of cohesive, semi-cohesive and granular materials. These convenient, comfortable and practical machines are available in weights ranging from 3t – 27t at Coates Hire, providing plenty of user options for small and large projects. Special pressure vibration and impact padfoot technology delivers extra smooth drum roller impact for optimal compaction with every pass.
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Model / Size
Roller Padfoot 3.0 - 4.5t - Single Drum
Roller Padfoot 5.0 - 8.0t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 6
Drum Width (mm) 1680
Operating Weight (t) 7.5
Drum Width (mm) 1860
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Roller Padfoot 10 - 12t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 11
Drum Width (mm) 2130
Operating Weight (t) 12
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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Roller Padfoot 13t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 13
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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Roller Padfoot 14t - Single Drum
Roller Padfoot 15t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 15
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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Roller Padfoot 16t - Single Drum
Operating Weight (t) 16
Drum Width (mm) 2130
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With an unbeatable size range, there is a Coates Hire single padfoot drum roller product for all types of compaction and backfill projects. A single padfoot drum roller provides strong compaction for road substructure, trench and services backfills, earthworks and building foundations, and other important construction projects.
What is a single padfoot roller?
A single padfoot roller is heavy duty machinery designed to make big jobs easier. Large padfoot static pressure vibration rollers available from Coates Hire include an air conditioned cab and easy manoeuvrability. These machines will save time and money in the long run.

What is single padfoot roller used for?
There are a lot of uses. The Australian landscape lends itself well to strong foundations and compaction. Padfoot vibratory rollers are an important part of the equation, and padfoot rollers are often preferred to single drum smooth rollers for compaction roller results. 

When to use a single padfoot roller?
A single padfoot roller compactor is often the best machine for compact worksites. A single padfoot roller steel drum with balanced and weighted rear wheel provides greater versatility than double drum steel drum rollers for a wide variety of applications. 
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Single Padfoot Drum Rollers