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Portable Buildings

The landscape of the building and construction industry is constantly changing. Major projects take shape overnight as land is surveyed and portable buildings are moved into position. Large and small projects require facilities and amenities to satisfy worker and visitor needs and keeping the project rolling is no small feat. Portable buildings function as offices, kitchens, bathrooms and more at events and workplaces where health and safety are prioritised, and when they are no longer required, the buildings are simply towed or removed off-site.

What is a portable building?

At Coates Hire, a portable building can be anything from a 3.6m x 2.4m standard shell right up to large scale site shed office complexes. Portable buildings cater to the needs of a flexible workforce of staff or volunteers, with building adaptations transforming the buildings into offices, lunch rooms, first aid rooms and other onsite facilities and amenities.

Portable buildings are in demand, as noticed all around major city and regional centres. Fortunately, Coates Hire is up to the task, with branches in over 150 locations Australia-wide, and service professionals who can assist with your portable building hire and setup. Portable buildings are designed and constructed for convenient transportation and unloading for same-day readiness at your site.
How to build a portable building?

Portable buildings are easy to construct with the right workforce on your side. Some Coates Hire portable buildings are even fully towable by a regular vehicle and can be relocated immediately. Coates Hire professionals include product specialists and engineers covering everything from general hire to special project requirements. We can visit your site, ensure temporary foundations are set, and deliver the portable building you require whenever you need it.

What can portable buildings be used for?

There are a myriad of uses for portable buildings. They are available in all sizes and can be equipped with hire furniture and accessories that complete the d├ęcor and allow you to get on with business. Coates Hire portable buildings are solidly constructed and delivered ready to use.

Our buildings can be accessorised for your purposes, such as kitchen facilities at a workplace, or first aid equipment at an event or festival. Portable buildings can be reconfigured using partitions, allowing you to use all available space without creating a mess. Coates Hire portable building anchors and footings ensure the building is level and above surrounding soil, allowing you to remain clean and dry even during trying conditions.
What features does a portable building have?

With Coates Hire, the choices are all yours. Our portable building range focuses on satisfying wide-ranging customer expectations, and we are the adaptable solution to ensure your site is set up just the way it should be. Our portable buildings come with many standard inclusions, with plenty of optional extras available.

  1. Change Rooms: Locker rooms and change rooms are available in various sizes to suit your application. Complete with bench seats, coat hooks, heater, air-con and exhaust fan, your change rooms are set up and ready to go.
  2. Lunch Rooms: Keep your workforce or group happy, healthy and hearty with an expansive lunchroom that includes 6 tables, 36 stacker chairs, sink/bench, pie oven/food warmer, bar fridge, air-con, microwave and mini boiler.
  3. Offices: Site offices are important. They can house useful worksite information and also double as a reception office for visitors and staff. An office will assist you to keep the project humming along with minimum disruption or disturbance. Furniture, secure windows, and bar-lock on the door are standard inclusions.
  4. Single Buildings: These portable buildings are ideal if you require extra space for storage or organisation. Single buildings are available in a range of sizes and include air-con and security windows. Keep all your gear and equipment secure and dry with single building hire.
  5. First Aid Buildings: Health and safety laws should be followed at all times. This includes the establishment of adequate first aid facilities at workplaces, events and other situations where large numbers of people gather. With qualified first aiders on site and a building that includes a sink, hand basin, hot water, furniture and air-con, you are ready for any eventuality.
What sizes do portable buildings come in?

Portable buildings are adaptable, including modular building styles and other build systems designed to accommodate various uses. Demountable buildings and portable sheds are the space-saving and cost-effective temporary building solution, so it’s worth investigating your full potential at Coates Hire. We supply portable buildings and transportable buildings to suit all designs and budgets and will offer you the best short-term or long-term hire rates possible.

Why choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire have a trusted, Australia-wide network of machinery and equipment hire branches, employing professional service personnel who know their business. Every major endeavour requires manpower and machinery to keep things progressing, and if you require modular buildings, mobile buildings, site sheds, site offices or other portable building hire solutions, look no further than your nearest Coates Hire branch.

You can organise your portable buildings by design and even use available electricity and water connections where possible. Coates Hire sheds are manufactured for strength and security and are fitted with air-con and other features designed for comfort, usability and productivity. Check out the full range of Coates Hire portable buildings available and let us help you create your ideal workspace or other environments.