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Skid Mounted - Under 20kVa

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If backup power is required at your business or enterprise, a 20kVA generator (or less) will possibly fit the bill. A small generator will provide a temporary power source to ensure your business can run as usual during planned or emergency interruptions. Heavy-duty single phase and 20kVA 3 phase generators from Coates Hire have all bases covered, and 20kVA generator fuel consumption per hour means even more profitability.
Model / Size
Generator - Diesel - Small - 6 - 8kVA
Output 8kVA (8kW)
Supply 240v, 32 amps
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Generator - Diesel - Small - 10kVA
Output 10kVA (8kW)
Supply 240, 14 amps
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Generator - Diesel - Small - 11 - 14kVA
Output 12.5kVA (10kW)
Supply 240, 17 amps
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Generator - Diesel - Small - 15 - 18kVA
Output 15kVA (15kW)
Supply 240v, 61 amps
Output 15kVA (12kW)
Supply 240/415v, 20 amps
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A high quality small diesel generator with long run time is suitable for all-day use. These generators are an ideal standby power supply source that can deliver prime power when it is needed most. The enclosed design makes a small diesel generator super quiet even while working at full load, and they are the easy transport option for a fast and safe electrical energy setup.
How does a small generator work?
Diesel generators use diesel power to create electrical energy. The energy is then transformed into safe-to-use single phase or three phase power.

What can a 20kVa generator run?
A 20kVA diesel generator can run an entire business establishment, making it a cost-effective hire. 20kVA generator fuel consumption per hour is economical, providing another good reason to save with Coates Hire. 

How much diesel does a 20kVa generator use?
Diesel engines are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than petrol engines. In addition, diesel hire 20kVA generators from Coates Hire can adapt to power needs, using less diesel when required. 

Where to hire a 20kVa generator?
Small diesel generators from Coates Hire are in demand all around Australia. We have more than 150 hire branches nation-wide, and more hire equipment and machinery than anyone else. Check out centre lifting 20kVA generators, small household generators, and huge skid base commercial generators at Coates Hire. 
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Skid Mounted - Under 20kVa