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Smooth Double Drum Rollers

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Smooth double drum roller compactors have optimal compaction capacity for reinforcement of soil, gravel, asphalt, and various soil subgrades. Powerful compaction is achieved with dual vibrating and driving drums. Smooth double drum roller compacter equipment is ideal for compaction of asphalt when following an asphalt paving machine. Double drum vibrating rollers are available from 1.0t – 12.0t machines at Coates Hire for compaction jobs of every size.
Ear Protection
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Edge Cutter/Compactor For CC22/CC41
Roller Smooth 1.0 - 2.0t Double Drum
Roller Smooth 4.0 - 5.7t Double Drum
Roller Smooth 6.5 - 8.0t Double Drum
Roller Smooth 8.5 - 12.0t Double Drum
Double drum rollers and single drum rollers have been used for generations for compacting roadworks and building foundations. Double drum roller rental is the cost-effective solution for builders and contractors who need to juggle several worksite tasks simultaneously without compromising on quality. 
What is a double drum roller?
A double drum roller, sometimes still called a steam roller, has two heavy duty compacting drums. The extra compacting power enables the operator to complete quality compacting with a minimum of passes. 

How does a double drum roller work?
Double drum vibrating rollers combine vibrating mechanisms with the sheer weight of the roller machinery to improve compaction capability. A smooth double drum roller is ideal on flat and slightly inclined surfaces where traction is not an issue. 

How much does it cost to rent a double drum roller?
If you have the appropriate heavy machinery operators license and a can-do attitude, double drum roller rental is the cost-effective alternative to hiring a specialist. Drum roller rental from Coates Hire will save you time and money on big and small jobs.
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Smooth Double Drum Rollers