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Solids Dewatering Systems

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Solids dewatering systems are an important component of pump and fluid management equipment. These dewatering systems available at Coates Hire are heavy duty machines that ensure all wastewater is treated effectively on-site, and solid waste can be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
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Solids dewatering systems are used wherever a large local population requires fast access to sewerage and wastewater systems that meet health and safety standards. Solids dewatering systems aggressively compact waste that can then be shovelled away as general waste.
Product Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Hydraulic Capacity (L/s) Dry Weight (kg)
SD100 3.1 2.4 2.6 4 2800
Are solids dewatering systems effective?
These systems utilise powerful reverse osmosis and other systems to nullify odours and germs. They are airtight and watertight, creating very little aroma even when working at full capacity. Coates Hire solids dewatering systems are advanced and effective.

Is solids dewatering the same as a sediment tank?
A sediment tank is simply a large tank where sediment slowly drifts and collects on the tank bottom. Dewatering systems speed up the process dramatically, while also purifying the wastewater sludge and run-off.

When do I need a solids dewatering system?
If your sewerage and wastewater systems are going to be used long-term or intermittently, you will probably require a solids dewatering system. If your operation is on the move, Coates Hire dewatering systems can move with you to create a healthy and safe workplace.
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Solids Dewatering Systems