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Speed Advisory Signs

Code: TRA126-5
Speed advisory signs inform drivers of their present speed and the speed zone they are travelling in. Additional adaptability includes the option to use these speed advisory signs as a variable message sign. Advisory speed limit signs are the safe way to inform of traffic speeds in school zones and around roadworks.
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Speed Observation Sign
Small enough to be towed behind a regular vehicle, advisory speed signs are highly visible regulatory speed limit signs designed to be noticed by all road users. These electronic traffic management signs include an auto-adjusting LED display. 
What is an advisory speed limit sign?
Advisory speed limit signs available from Coates Hire can be towed into position by a trailer, with the sign elevated on a hydraulic post. The sign can be adapted for posted speed limit adjustments, maximum speed and reduced speed around school zones where safety is paramount. 

What shape are advisory speed signs?
Advisory speed signs are rectangular and designed to be highly visible. The sign height can be adjusted, while the LED display will adapt to prevailing light conditions, making these signs suitable for day/night use. 

What colour are advisory speed signs?
Advisory speed signs are highly visible orange. Bright LED display in clear lettering provides road users with optimum speed sign visibility when approaching from a distance. 

Where to hire advisory speed signs?
As with all traffic management equipment, Coates Hire is the supplier of choice all around Australia. We have more hire equipment options than anyone else and advisory speed sign hire prices that can’t be matched. Contact Coates Hire today for more information regarding your specific requirements. 
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Speed Advisory Signs