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Spider Boom - Hybrid - 12.9M (42.3ft)

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Able to pass through single doorways before transforming into a boom lift with plenty of reach, this hybrid spider boom has all-terrain style. Hybrid diesel and electric power enables the spider boom to power on with interior or exterior work. Multiple hinged boom sections provide convenient up-and-over capabilities for accessing difficult-to-reach elevated areas. Safe work is a priority and a 14.9m hybrid spider boom provides the power, manoeuvrability and balance required to perform specialist tasks at heights.
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
This single-person operated spider boom facilitates safe work at heights for builders, contractors, cladding professionals, painters, roofers and others. With the right equipment, it is possible for one person to get big jobs done on time and on budget. Hybrid diesel/electric power is in vogue for the right reasons, and smart tradies are catching on.
Max. working height
14.9 m
Max. lifting height
12.9 m
Max. working outreach
6.9 m
Basket size
1.2 x 0.7 x 1.1 m
Basket max. load
230 Kg
Turret rotation
360° non continuous
1960 kg
What is a spider boom?
Spider booms are highly compact elevated work platforms that can be negotiated through tight spaces. This tracked spider boom provides all-terrain versatility for safe work at heights. 

How does a spider boom work?
Multiple-hinged sections of a spider boom provide great up and over access for working at heights. The boom is operated from the work platform for precise lifting to the desired location, and is ideal for work in narrow access locations.  

What are the benefits of a spider boom?
A spider boom gives you more options for reaching over and around walls and other obstacles. This hybrid spider boom can be used indoors or outside, and the tracks provide traction and stability even on steep inclines and uneven surfaces. Articulated boom spider lift hire will save you time and money.

Who can operate a spider boom?
Anyone who holds the relevant elevated work platform (EWP) qualifications can operate a spider boom. Coates Hire offers full training, completed in only one day, with the qualifications valid for 5 years. 
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Spider Boom - Hybrid - 12.9M (42.3ft)