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Straight booms offer your business the maximum length in high-reach capabilities making them ideal for the construction or maintenance contractor. They allow you to manoeuvre above, below and straight out from ground level. Coates Hire supply a range of straight booms with platform heights ranging from 12.1m/40ft – 41.1m/135ft.Read more
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Model / Size
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 12.1M - 14.0M
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 15.2m - 16.7m
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 18.0M - 20.1M
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 18.0M - 21.3 Track
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 24.3M - 26.8M
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 36.5M - 38.1M
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 41.1M
Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 45.7M

Straight Booms, otherwise known as Cherry Pickers are incredibly versatile hydraulic cranes used to raise and lower people for working at heights. They are also known as boom lifts and man lifts, with applications that include building construction, maintenance, warehousing and other tasks where elevated access is essential. Coates Hire supplies a wide range of diesel and electric powered cherry pickers.

What is a straight boom lift?

Straight boom lifts are a type of cherry picker offering the maximum length in high-reach capability, making them ideal for the construction or maintenance contractor. They allow the user to maneuver above obstacles, while the hydraulic boom angle helps to manipulate the device for working comfortably even in tight situations. Hydraulic stabilisers provide a level working platform regardless of terrain, while in-basket controls give you full control to position the work platform exactly where it is needed.

Your boom lift requirements are sure to be met with the options at Coates Hire. We supply powerful diesel-driven straight boom lifts for accessing varying heights, from 12.1 metres – 45.7 metres so you can get on with the job without fuss. The appropriate straight boom lift will save you time and money for performing quality workmanship that progresses safely and on schedule.

Types of booms and lifts available at Coates Hire

Elevated work platforms (EWPs), also known as access equipment, enable the operator to work safely and easily at heights. The various models available assist with tricky angles and difficult approaches for accessing hard to reach places. Cherry pickers and other access equipment available at Coates Hire include:

Knuckle Booms: Used for the up-and-over approach if you need access above or around sheds, walls or other obstructions.

Scissor Lifts: Ideal in almost all conditions, rough terrain scissor lifts include large work platforms plus manual and self-levelling functions.

Straight Booms: If your construction or maintenance contractor requires access equipment that reaches maximum height, a Coates Hire straight boom will fit the bill without a fuss.

Trailer Mounted Booms: These can be towed by a regular vehicle and used on all firm surfaces. Tree lopping, painting and cleaning are all covered with a trailer mounted boom.

Personnel Lifts: Maintaining elevated fixtures in shopping and commercial centres are easy on a battery operated self-propelled personnel lift. For smaller jobs, a push-around personnel lift will fit the bill.

Who can use a straight boom

You or the operator will need to be fully licensed to use a cherry picker for work-related or personal use. Appropriate training is required for using any type of cherry picker elevated work platform (EWP), including straight boom lifts, knuckle booms, scissor lifts, man lifts or other lifts for working at heights.

If you are working above 11 metres you will require a WP high-risk work licence, with the course taking around 2 days to complete. If working at heights under 11 metres, a ‘Yellow Card' course is required, taking only one day to complete. Coates Hire EWP training courses deliver the skills and knowledge you will need, with attainments that include:

  1. Compliance with WH&S legislation
  2. Risk assessment and hazard control
  3. Appropriate loading of work platforms
  4. Emergency procedures and safety equipment
  5. Elevate and operate the work platform safely
  6. Work planning and routine checking

Upon completion of the course you will receive a statement of attainment for the following unit of competency:

TLILIC2005 – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11m or more).
RIIHAN301D – Licence to operate all types of elevating work platforms under 11 metres.

Coates Hire ensures the equipment you hire is fully serviced and in excellent working order. Working at heights is serious business, and we are on your side to make sure safety is prioritised for superior functionality and performance.

How to use a cherry picker or straight boom

A cherry picker should only be used by a trained operator. It isn’t difficult when you know how, so here are a few tips for safe operation.

1. Attend a training course to learn the safe operation of a cherry picker.
2. Wear appropriate work gear and a safety harness as directed.
3. Check all gauges are fully operational to ensure good working order of the cherry picker.
4. Use the foot pedal and levers as directed for forward and backward movement.
5. Use the steering wheel to turn left or right.
6. Drive cautiously, particularly on uneven ground, using hydraulic stabilisers when required.
7. Understand the safety features of the cherry picker.
8. Lower the lift all the way and turn the cherry picker off before dismounting.

Why choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire is your one-stop-shop for equipment hire. We have everything you need at prices our competitors can't match, and an Australia-wide network of hire depots for your convenience. Our access equipment is certified and ready for short or long-term use. Contact us via the convenient online form to make an enquiry, reserve equipment, or ask questions 24/7. We are the trusted equipment hire professionals for mobile cherry picker rental in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond, so get in touch with Coates Hire today to get your project started.

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