Becoming a WORK180 Endorsed Employer for Women sends a message that Coates Hire is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Coates Hire has renewed its commitment to diversity and inclusion by joining the global jobs platform, WORK180. WORK180 provides job seekers with a transparent directory of Endorsed Employers who have met more than 30 gender diversity benchmarks. It allows job seekers to look at employer policies around flexible working, paid parental leave, career development, women in leadership and other areas important to working women.

“Coates Hire relies on its talented and committed workforce, regardless of their gender, so we’re delighted to be an Endorsed Employer for Women,” says Vicky Katsiris, Group Manager Employee Experience at Coates Hire. “It’s great to be part of a network that rejects gender stereotypes and encourages women to apply for roles in a specialised market that have traditionally been male-dominated.”

WORK180 Co-founder and CEO, Valeria Ignatieva has praised Coates Hire’s commitment to providing an inclusive working environment for all staff.

“Research shows 86 per cent of women and 74 per cent of men consider diversity, equality and workplace inclusion as important when deciding where they take a job. So it’s great when Australia’s largest hire company makes a stand for gender diversity and proudly shares their progress.”

Coates Hire officially joined the WORK180 network in January 2019. To date, 205 roles have been posted on the site, across all role types such as operations, maintenance, sales, office support, entry level sales coordinators and yard persons, through to senior leadership positions.

“Coates Hire has the largest, high-quality fleet for hire,” says Katsiris. “However, we are primarily a services organisation focusing on customer delivery and experience, which means we want the best applicants across all roles and business units. We want women to know that not only will they be considered for any job at Coates Hire, but we have some of the best employment conditions in Australia.” 
Those conditions include paid parental care and family carer entitlements, structured career-path assistance, employee performance feedback, and internal training and education for those who can be developed for management and beyond. Coates Hire has a large national geographic footprint which allows for great career opportunities.

The company also supports employees who are managing mental health issues and makes available up to $5,000 for mental health treatments. Coates Hire is committed to policies of pay equity, inclusion and diversity in its hiring and employment practices.
Katsiris says that networks such as WORK180 help to expand the applicant-base for employing, and include women as candidates for positions that in the past may have been considered ‘male’ roles. This platform has helped Coates Hire broaden its talent pool by tapping into a new market of strong, committed candidates that it would not have had access to in the past.

By comparison, other Endorsed Employers such as BHP have increased the number of applications from women from 10 per cent to 50 per cent; and Brisbane Airport received 113 applications from women for an Airside Operations Officer role. BAE Systems is another employer in a non-traditional industry, and have reported that in terms of source performance (i.e. applications to hires), WORK180 outperformed other job boards by between four and eight times.

“We’re a company of over 2,000 employees, who work in sales, management, administration, finance, customer service, transport and the workshops,” says Katsiris. “And we have a national footprint. There’s something for everyone and this is a great place for women to work.”

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