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Tarpaulin 6.0M x 6.0M

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This small polyester tarpaulin includes eyelets for covering and securing trailer loads during transport. The perfect quick-fix when the weather turns nasty, this tarp will cover valuable tools, furniture and other belongings. Constructed with a waterproof coating, the 6.0m x 6.0m poly tarp includes a little flex and give to ensure secure fastening to a trailer, ute, or other vehicle.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
The 6.0m x 6.0m waterproof tarpaulin is suitable for any application where valuables require protecting from the elements. Carried as a back-up while relocating furniture or other goods on a trailer, the tarp can be quickly unfolded and tied down, allowing your move to progress on schedule.
What is the best waterproof tarp?

The best waterproof tarpaulin is multi-purpose, doesn’t easily fray or rip, and lasts for many years of reliable service. Heavy duty poly tarp solutions at Coates Hire include waterproof tarps with reinforced edges and corners.

Are all tarps waterproof?

All Coates Hire tarps are waterproof. Canvas waterproof tarps are the tarp cover alternative to cheap throwaway plastic products that aren’t even water resistant. Whether you need to cover a car, boat or other vehicle, or use the tarp as flooring on a camping getaway, a thick canvas waterproof tarp will do the trick. 

How much to hire a waterproof tarp from Coates Hire?

This waterproof canvas tarp is tough, and good value for money. You could purchase a cheap plastic sheet for the same price, but it will blow away, tear or crumple. This large tarp with reinforced eyelets, on the other hand, is easy to tie down, weighty enough to remain stable, and fully waterproof for keeping all belongings dry. 
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Tarpaulin 6.0M x 6.0M