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Tele Work Platform - Push Around - 7.6M (25.2ft)

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Tele-work platforms are the indoor solution for performing high tasks. Ideal for scheduled maintenance projects and repair jobs around the office, warehouse or other establishment, a 6.1m – 7.6m push-around tele-work platform will keep any maintenance team busy. Battery power ensures noise levels are minimal and there are zero unwanted emissions. Push around convenience through doorways and corridors makes this work platform a real winner. 
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
This is the perfect machine for one-man jobs. The push-around tele-work platform is used by electricians, installers, maintenance personnel, painters, fit-out specialists and more. Wherever there is a high job that needs doing safely, the 6.1m – 7.6m tele-work platform will fit the bill.
Performance Data
Outriggers Up Max Lift Height 7.65 m / 25.1 ft
Outriggers or Stabilizers Yes
Platform Capacity 160 kg / 352.7 lb
Dimensional Data
Wheel Size - Front Caster 15 x 5 cm
Ground Entry Height 0.48 m / 1 ft 7 in
Machine Height 1.97 m / 6.5 ft
Machine Length 1.24 m / 4.1 ft
Machine Width 0.74 m / 2.4 ft
Outrigger Footprint Length 1.73 m / 5.7 ft
Outrigger Footprint Width 1.57 m / 5.2 ft
Platform Dimension A 0.66 m / 2.2 ft
Platform Dimension B 0.66 m / 2.2 ft
Platform Height 7.67 m / 25.2 ft
Wheel Size - Rear 25 x 5 cm
General Specifications
Machine Weight-AC 374 kg / 824.5 lb
Machine Weight-DC 410 kg / 903.9 lb
Reach Specifications
Working Height 9.67 m / 31.7 ft
Platform Height 7.67 m / 25.2 ft
What is a telework platform?
A telework platform is an elevated work platform (EWP) used for accessing high work spaces. This push around model is an adjustable height steel work platform with a load capacity of 160 kg, ideal for a worker and his/her equipment. 

How does a telework platform work?
This stainless steel work platform provides vertical mast operation, and can be pushed into position. Height adjustment is performed from on the platform, allowing the user to precisely position the platform for comfortable operation and successful project management. 

Are elevated work platforms safe?
Elevated work platforms are safe when used according to manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, all Coates Hire work platforms are regularly serviced and maintained in as-new condition for their working life. This tele tower adjustable work platform is ideal for remote working where electric and powered platforms aren’t suitable.
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Tele Work Platform - Push Around - 7.6M (25.2ft)