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Tele Work Platform - Self Propelled - 3.6M (12ft)

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If climbing up and down unsafe and unsteady ladders isn’t your thing, a 3.0m – 4.5m self-propelled tele-work platform is the answer. With ideal extension for reaching high ceilings, fittings, walls, windows and fixtures, this tele-work platform provides mobility on non-damaging tyres, so you can negotiate obstacles with ease and get the job done without wasting time. In-basket controls are simple to master for a smooth operation. 
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
This tele-work platform is suitable for service personnel, electricians, installation experts, fit-out professionals and anyone else who needs access to high building spaces. Health and safety is the highest priority, making sturdy hire equipment from reputable brands the right move for workplace building and maintenance projects.
Work Height
5.65 m
Raised Platform Height
3.65 m
Lowered Platform Height
0.45 m
Overall Width
0.77 m
Overall Length
1.37 m
Stowed Height
1.79 m
Platform Width (Inside Dimension)
0.69 m
Platform Length (Inside Dimension)
0.93 m
Ground Clearance (Stowed)
5.33 cm
Ground Clearance (raised)
1.60 cm
782 kg
Turning Radius (Inside)
Turning Radius (Outside)
1.40 m
Drive Speed (Stowed)
4.0 km/h
Drive Speed (Raised)
0.80 km/h
Maximum Drive Height
Full Height
Capacity (Overall)
227 kg
Maximum # of Persons
What is a 12ft telework platform used for?
This self-propelled vertical mast boom lift is ideal for indoor work at heights. It is used for fitouts, cladding work, electrical work, cleaning and much more. Rolling steel work platforms are the sensible alternative to using unstable ladders and scaffolding. 

How much is a mobile work platform?
Telework platform hire cost depends on the duration of hire and size of work platform required. Coates Hire has an extensive range of elevated work platforms (EWPs) for indoor and outdoor use. 

Who can operate a mobile tele work platform?
A 12ft telework platform can be operated by almost anyone. User controls are located on the platform for precise lifting to the desired height. Coates Hire training courses include EWP training, which can be completed in only a day and delivers qualifications that are valid for five years. 
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Tele Work Platform - Self Propelled - 3.6M (12ft)