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Tele Work Platform - Self Propelled - 6.1M (20ft)

Code: 10010
With a large work platform capable of carrying up to 227kg, this 6.1m lifting device is large enough to carry a tradesman and all his tools. Self-propelled convenience allows you to get the job done in a fraction of the time, while precision manoeuvrability and turning on non-damaging tyres makes hard work easier. Aerial work at dangerous elevations is safely performed using a 6.1m self-propelled tele-work platform.
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
If you or your workers are required to spend long hours working at high elevations, a tele-work platform is for you. This 6.1m self-propelled model provides plenty of reach for high ceilings and fixtures, yet is narrow enough to fit through doorways and corridors. If you require a flexible multi-tasking approach to indoor renovations, look no further than this work platform.
Dimensions SJ16
Work Height 6.75 m
Raised Platform Height 4.75 m
Lowered Platform Height 0.45 m
Overall Width 0.77 m
Overall Length 1.37 m
Stowed Height 1.79 m
Platform Width (Inside Dimension) 0.69 m
Platform Length (Inside Dimension) 0.85 m
Specifications SJ16
Ground Clearance (Stowed) 5.33 cm
Ground Clearance (Raised) 1.60 cm
Weight 971 kg
Local Floor Load (with rated load) 827 kPa
Local Floor Load (no load) 676 kPa
Overall Floor Load (with rated load) 11.2 kPa
Gradeability 30%
Turning Radius (Inside) 0 0
Turning Radius (Outside) 1.40 m
Lift Time (With Rated Load) 20 sec
Lower time (With Rated Load) 18 sec
Drive Speed (Stowed) 4.0 km/h
Drive Speed (Raised) 0.80 km/h
Maximum Drive Height Full Height
Capacity (Overall) 227 kg
Maximum # of Persons (indoor/outdoor) 1/0
Tyre Type Solid, N/M
Tyre Size 12 x 4 x 8
What is a self-propelled telework platform?
A self-propelled telework platform is an aerial work platform for safely working at heights. The platform is raised and lowered by the operator using on-platform controls. This self-propelled platform is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Which aerial work platform do I need?
Coates Hire provides extensive aerial work platform options. Our elevated work platforms include scissor lifts, knuckle lifts, telescopic boom lifts and other self-propelled platform solutions. This self-propelled lift platform includes an oscillating axle for convenient manoeuvring into position for optimum performance. 

Who is qualified to use a self-propelled telework platform?
Telework platform operators at heights over 11m are required to hold the relevant qualification. Coates Hire offers full elevated work platform (EWP) training. The qualification is nationally accredited and training takes only one day to complete.
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Tele Work Platform - Self Propelled - 6.1M (20ft)