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Telemetry is all pervasive in the construction and engineering industries. It is used for navigating heavy machinery, adjusting equipment components, and accessing precise data. Telemetry provides an accurate remote service for pump and fluid management data, allowing the operator to make precise judgements from a safe distance.
Breathing Mask
Ear Protection
Full face shield
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Flow Pod 100mm
Flow Pod 150mm
CEPT 60 Water Treatment System
CEPT80 Water Treatment System
All builders and construction experts should become familiar with the benefits of telemetry. Coates Hire systems for water treatment include remote access capabilities for tracking and monitoring systems in real time. With the right systems in place, projects can continue on schedule for profitable outcomes.
Features Flow Pod CEPT60 CEPT80
pH Yes Yes Yes
Conductivity Yes Yes Yes
Turbidity Yes Yes Yes
Dissolved Oxygen Yes Yes Yes
Flow Yes Yes Yes
Water Table Height (Groundwater) Yes No No
Pressure (inline) Yes No No
What are some types of water treatment telemetry systems?
Coates Hire specialises in Chemically enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) water purification systems. When combined with telemetry, the user retains full control over system operations.

When do I need telemetry?
If yours is a large project involving a number of workers and various building activities, you may be benefited by telemetry. This system will give you real-time data regarding equipment performance, and can also help you to log and trace your valuable building equipment and accessories.

Is telemetry cost-effective?
It is with Coates Hire. We have an Australia-wide network of hire branches, so there is bound to be a Coates Hire branch near you. We stock more than a million pieces of hire equipment across 21 product categories to ensure you have timely access to the right equipment for getting the job done fast and saving money along the way. 
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