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Reo Cutter / Bender Combination

Available in NSW, NT, VIC, QLD, WA
Code: 11580
Fast bending and cutting of rebar up to 16mm is easily achieved. The safe alternative to cutting with power saw angle grinder blades, this tool will get the job done with a minimum of fuss. The hand-held cutter/bender is powered by electricity, minimising noise and providing a consistent energy source. Weighing only 15kg, the cutter/bender is portable, stowable and ready for action at the worksite.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Anyone working with rebar will appreciate the cutter/bender. Safe and easy to operate, this product is in demand with builders, concreters, renovations experts and others who require strong concrete foundations. The Reo cutter/bender takes the strain so the user can focus on accurate cutting and bending for superior concrete work.
How does a rebar cutter work?

Meticulous cutting is possible with rebar cutters. You can cut rebar in various alignments and angles conveniently and without sparks. It takes only a few seconds to cut through thick steel using a reo cutter/bender, taking the strain out of demanding construction work. 

Can you cut rebar with a bolt cutter?

It is possible to cut rebar with a bolt cutter, but it will soon become hard work. Bolt cutters are incredibly strong, and useful for limited rebar cutting, although for large steel cutting jobs a grinder or reo cutter/bender is indispensable. Save yourself time, money and strain by hiring an ultra-strong drop forged steel cutter. 

How to use a rebar cutter?

Using a rebar cutter is straightforward. Place the rebar in the U-shaped support between the cutter block and stopper. When the trigger is pulled, a piston is pushed forward for precise rebar cutting. High quality cutting blades are used by Coates Hire to ensure efficient cutting for prolonged use. A hydraulic rebar cutter is the safe way to perform heavy-duty reo cutting and bending.
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Reo Cutter / Bender Combination