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If you are looking for compact tractor hire solutions, look no further than Coates Hire. These heavy-duty small tractors have wide ranging applications for farms, acreages and businesses. Our utility tractors make light work of heavy lifting, and they can handle soft and boggy terrain if the weather turns bad. Tractor hire is the cost-effective solution for one-off jobs, and the ideal stand-by if your regular machinery breaks down.
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Tractor 4x2 - 40 - 50kW
Tractor 4x4 - 51 - 60kW
Tractor 4x4 - 80 - 90kW - 3 Point Linkage
Tractor 4x4 - 100 - 110kW
Tractor 4x4 - 170 - 180kW
Tractors were among the first heavy machinery manufactured, and they are still in demand today. That’s why Coates Hire supplies a wide range of heavy-duty utility tractors, row crop tractors and tractors with attachments for fencing, slashing, ploughing, loading and a whole lot more. Tractors are used by tradies, industries, agriculturalists and hobby farmers for getting a lot of work done, and the Coates Hire range of tractors won’t be beat for quality and price. 
What is a tractor?
Major features that promote tractor performance are a powerful motor, large rear wheels, heavy-duty hydraulic connection with tractor accessories and tremendous pushing and pulling power. Tractors remain essential on farms and are used universally for wide ranging applications. 

What does a tractor do?
It depends on your needs. They are obviously great for ploughing, and they can pull vehicles out of boggy ground. In garden nurseries they are the obvious choice for loading topsoil and other materials. Low tractor height, precision hydraulics and easy manoeuvrability indoors and out make Coates Hire tractors a smart investment for occasional or ongoing use. 

How much does tractor hire cost?
One of the most important benefits of tractor hire: it doesn’t need to be expensive. A heavy-duty diesel engine tractor weighing close to 600kg will only cost around $300 to hire for an entire day. That’s plenty of time to hitch up a trailer and get a heap of work done. 
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