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What is a traffic barrier?
Traffic barriers keep vehicles and pedestrians apart. Permanent barriers include median barriers and guardrails (crash barriers) that prevent drivers from colliding with roadside obstacles or veering off the road altogether. Temporary traffic barriers perform similar functions during roadworks, construction and maintenance operations. Traffic barrier hire facilitates a working environment that satisfies legal and council obligations for improving health and safety outcomes of drivers, pedestrians and workers.
How do traffic barriers work?
Every worksite is different, and the traffic barriers you use should positively influence the behaviour of drivers, pedestrians and workers. Temporary traffic barrier configurations can be adapted to suit changing workplace needs and should be relatively easy to manoeuver and reposition. Coates Hire traffic management professionals can help you evaluate your job site and help you set up your traffic barriers. We also offer accredited traffic controller and traffic management plan training courses that will take your company operations to the next level.
How many types of traffic barriers are there?
There are several types of traffic management barriers, and we have the best on offer at Coates Hire. Our barrier systems have all undergone serious crash testing, including:
Concrete Crash Barriers: These barriers are used in speed zones up to 100km/h and are used for traffic separation and diversion. Concrete crash barrier styles include T-lock and JJ hook connectivity for creating a solid crash barrier wall.
Steel Crash Barriers: Also suitable for use in speed zones up to 100km/h, steel road barriers are designed for fast deployment and have the strength to absorb heavy impacts.
Plastic Crash Barriers: Lightweight and suitable for speed zones up to 70km/h, plastic water filled barriers can be set up without heavy lifting equipment. Coates Hire supplies a range of plastic crash barriers for use in various configurations.
Crash Cushions: These innovative units available at Coates Hire are designed to minimize vehicle damage upon impact with the crash barrier. Crash cushions provide a little bend and flex during impact, making them a useful and safe barrier option.
What is an orange barrier used for?
Orange temporary fencing barriers are highly visible during the day and night, allowing drivers to negotiate complex roadworks with confidence. Lightweight plastic orange traffic barriers are easier to relocate than concrete or steel products, giving you a jobsite advantage when tight timelines are in place. Orange fence hire is also an ideal option for use as a crowd control barrier.
How to estimate the traffic barriers you need?
The safety of roadside traffic barriers is improved by using the correct type of barriers for each roadworks or construction situation. By working in consultation with Coates Hire traffic management specialists, you are ensured of using barriers that are visible, effective and safer.
Coates Hire experts can visit your job site, consult with engineers and train your staff to deliver appropriate crash barriers and other traffic management solutions. Workplace health and safety is a big deal and Coates Hire is on hand to deliver the right equipment for every type of traffic scenario.

How to hire traffic barriers at Coates Hire?
At Coates Hire, we take the guesswork out of traffic barrier hire. You can contact us in-store, online or over the phone. We have an Australia-wide network of hire centres, product specialists, tailored solutions and the best value traffic barrier hire rates available. With Coates Hire, you can even book road safety barrier equipment online so it is ready whenever you are. Contact us today regarding your traffic barrier hire requirements.