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What is a steel road plate?
Steel road plates are heavy-duty steel plates specially designed for use as a temporary road covering. They don’t buckle under vehicle weight and are ideal for covering trenches and excavations. Coates Hire supplies a wide range of steel road plates in various sizes, allowing you to cover large areas of excavations and broken road. We also supply steel road plates with extra thickness for safe access of heavier vehicles and construction equipment.

Your Coates Hire service professionals can assist with installation and removal of heavy-duty steel road plates at your construction site. Road plate hire is a cost-effective means to keep your work on track and on budget for substantial savings. Road plates need to be appropriately positioned for accommodating traffic and pedestrians, with considerations that include:
  • - Use of correct size steel road plates
  • - Adequate overlap across trenches and onto firm ground
  • - Ensuring road plates butt up to each other evenly if using more than one plate
  • - Ongoing evaluation of roadway or trench wall conditions to ensure safe passage
What are temporary bridges used for?
Initially developed for military use, temporary bridges can be used to cross trenches, ditches, streams, utility pipes and uneven terrain. These pre-engineered, modular structures are used to provide safe vehicle and worker site access at construction and building sites. With options up to 10.5M long, and wide enough to accommodate large construction vehicles, Coates Hire temporary bridges are sturdy, effective and quickly installed so you can keep your project moving ahead in all weather conditions.
How are temporary bridges installed?
Temporary bridges are strong, flexible and durable enough to bear heavy weights. Built from galvanized or powder-coated steel and prefabricated, temporary bridges are installed in modular sections. Coates Hire temporary bridges are textured to make them skid resistant and include steel barriers to meet safety standards. Even the largest temporary bridges available at Coates Hire can be laid out in a few hours.
What are rumble grids?
Portable rumble grids provide a corrugated driving surface that gently vibrates any vehicle passing over them. This vibration removes loose debris from the vehicle underside and dislodges dirt and mud from vehicle tyres. When positioned at exit and entry points, rumble grids assist in keeping roads and pathways clear of dirt and debris. Rumble grid installation, much like cattle grid installation, will keep livestock safely fenced in.
Where to use rumble grids?
Rumble grids are used primarily at construction sites to remove dirt from vehicles. Rumble grids are safe to navigate, and your Coates Hire professional team can even assist with installation and removal. On-site rumble grids are important at construction sites close to residential areas where roadways and pathways need to remain free of dirt or debris.
What other traffic equipment can you hire at Coates Hire?
With more available hire equipment than anyone else, and an Australia-wide network of service centres, Coates Hire has everything required for large and small building and construction operations. Wheel wash baths, for example, take rumble grids to the next level by using water turbulence along with the grid system. These systems are highly effective for large trucks and the right product for a functional truck exit grid at major construction sites.
How to hire plates, bridges, and grids at Coates Hire?
At Coates Hire, we understand that your project profitability requires appropriate and timely support with the right equipment whenever you need it. For this reason, we provide hire solutions online, in-store or over the phone. You can even pre-book road plate hire, temporary bridges, rumble grids and wheel wash baths using our handy online form. In addition, we work with professional engineers and other building experts who can advise and assist you with your project from commencement to completion.
How much does it cost to hire traffic management equipment?
This will naturally depend on the equipment required and the duration of hire. However, our wide range of traffic management equipment for hire, partnerships with industry experts and Australia-wide coverage means we can offer unbeatable rental rates. Contact Coates Hire today regarding road plate hire, temporary bridge solutions or any other traffic management equipment you may require.