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What are electronic road signs?
Electronic road signs take many forms for a wide range of applications. They include arrow boards, portable solar powered traffic lights, speed advisory signs and other highly visible and illuminated temporary signage systems. Conditions at roadworks and construction sites are constantly changing and evolving, and it is important to make drivers and the public aware of what they may encounter when passing by. High quality electronic road signs assist drivers to behave appropriately and react in a timely manner for a safer work site.
What are electronic road signs used for?
Electronic traffic management signs provide an essential service on Australian roads. Safety is the highest priority on our roads and around construction sites, and the traffic management systems available at Coates Hire are second to none. Our LED signs, solar powered equipment and other road safety equipment is regularly serviced and thoroughly checked prior to every hire to ensure your school zone, construction site, car park or other area is serviced by appropriate variable message signs (VMS) or other signage.
What is the best road sign for construction sites?
This will depend on the nature of your roadwork, construction or maintenance operation. You may require portable traffic lights, radar speed signs, traffic signals, variable speed limit signs or other LED illuminated solutions for a safe workplace. At Coates Hire, we partner with leading manufacturers to ensure you have the appropriate electronic road signs, traffic signals and traffic control equipment at your site.

Coates Hire experts can also assist with set-up and installation of all electronic road sign equipment. In addition, we provide accredited
training courses to assist your staff, including traffic controller and traffic management plan courses that will take your business operations to the next level.
What are the electronic road signs included at Coates Hire?
Coates Hire traffic control road signs and traffic signals are designed to encourage optimal road safety in all Australian conditions. Here are just some of our huge range of electronic road signs and traffic management equipment.

Arrow Boards: The large and brightly illuminated flashing arrow is elevated above a trailer and can be run on solar power or recharged by electricity. Arrow boards provide advance warning for merging vehicles and are Ideal for diverting traffic around roadworks, construction or maintenance activities.
Portable Solar Traffic Lights: These units are the smart alternative to hand-held stop-go signs on almost any road. Portable solar traffic lights at Coates Hire provide familiar red and green stop-go illumination to guide road users, and the unit can be operated by radio or a cable-linked hand-held controller for maximum adaptability and convenience.
Speed Advisory Signs: Small enough to be towed behind a regular vehicle, and with auto-adjusting LED display for highly visible effect, speed advisory signs inform drivers of their present speed and the speed zone they are travelling in. Additional adaptability includes the option to use these speed advisory signs as a variable message sign.
Trailer Mounted Attenuators: A trailer mounted attenuator is a mobile crash cushion designed to lessen the impact of vehicle collision. Used in conjunction with high visibility LED arrow signage or other traffic control information, a trailer mounted attenuator will absorb rear-end impacts, minimize damage and prevent impacting vehicles from under-riding the forward vehicle.
Variable Message Signs: Towable behind a regular vehicle, with wide-angle LED display, Coates Hire variable message signs are extremely useful and versatile. Sign changes can be performed remotely, while the LED display automatically adjusts to suit prevailing conditions.
Variable Speed Limit Signs: Coates Hire variable speed limit signs are designed and built to satisfy all Australian Road Authority bodies. The accurate display of enforceable speed limits can be relayed via an encrypted communication network. The display height can be adjusted to ensure optimum visibility for road users.
How to hire electronic road signs?
At Coates Hire, we provide a wider range of electronic road signs than anyone else. We also work with leading manufacturers and have a nation-wide network of Coates Hire depots in all major Australian cities and regional centres. We take the stress out of hiring by providing hire services online, in-store or over the phone. At Coates Hire, you can even reserve electronic road signs and other traffic management equipment online so it is available exactly when you need it.

Our product range is unbeatable and we work with industry professionals who can advise and assist you in establishing the appropriate road safety equipment at your work site. Contact Coates Hire online, over the phone, or visit us in person for more information and inspiration.

What are the electronic road sign rental rates?
At Coates Hire, we have an extensive product range. We have lots of available options for traffic management equipment, and the rental rates will be determined by the rental timeframe and type of traffic signals you require. One thing is for sure; with more available high-quality road safety equipment than anyone else, you are guaranteed of getting the best possible hire deal at Coates Hire. Contact us for unbeatable rental rates today.