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A high, spacious, closed-in trailer suitable for furniture removal even on rainy days. Featuring a tailgate ramp for safe and convenient loading/unloading, this furniture trailer will save time and money during the big move. The heavy duty construction and load bearing capacity allows this trailer to accommodate heavy items such as pianos with ease. Complete multiple back-and-forth moving trips in one day with a dedicated furniture trailer.
Steel Cap Boots
The furniture trailer is suitable for carrying a wide range of household items and other equipment. Use the trailer to relocate furniture, whitegoods, garden equipment, moving boxes and other household goods. This trailer is equally useful for transporting equipment for building, leisure and sporting activities.
How big is a furniture trailer?

Furniture trailers and removals trucks come in all sizes at Coates Hire. This specially designed haul trailer is sturdily constructed with heavy duty loading capacity for accommodating furniture and whitegoods safely. 

How to load furniture on a trailer?

By loading furniture in the appropriate manner, you can maximise your load, and furniture will arrive unscratched and unbroken. Utilise suitable straps, ropes, blankets and soft protection to keep belongings safe and stop them shifting during transit. Enclosed cargo trailers are the all-weather moving truck solution when you can’t wait for the rain to clear.

How much to hire a furniture trailer from Coates Hire?

For smaller moves and staggered moves, rental truck and furniture trailer hire will save time and money. At around $100 per day, furniture trailer hire will achieve a lot, without breaking the bank. Contact Coates Hire today regarding utility trailers, car trailers and other rental truck ideas, and get moving in style. 
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Trailer Furniture