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Trailer Mounted Boom - Diesel/Electric - 12.7M (42ft)

Trailer mounted booms are an ingenious innovation transforming workplaces and building sites. This 15.0m high access device is mounted on its own trailer for convenient towing, and is fitted with sturdy stabilisers for on-site safety and performance. The diesel/electric motors provide additional options for tradespersons and other workers who require access to high building spaces, ceilings, windows and fixtures. A trailer mounted boom can be onsite and operational in no time.
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Many tasks that normally require complex scaffolding can be achieved in a fraction of the time with trailer mounted boom access equipment. There is no need to risk unsteady ladders or unsafe balancing at heights when the best and most versatile access equipment is on hand. Tradies, service personnel, building inspectors, cleaners and maintenance staff all appreciate the advantages of trailer mounted booms. 

Working Height (A)

14.7m 48ft 6in

Working Outreach (C)

7.55m 25ft

Platform Height (B)

12.7m 42ft

Machine Width (F)

1.6m 5ft 3in

Machine Height (D)

2m 6ft 7in

Machine Length (J)

5.55m 18ft 3in

Working Width (G)

3.8m 12ft 6in

Minimum Weight

1775kg 3915lbs

Safe Working Load

225kg 500lbs

Cage Width

1.4m 4ft 7in

Cage Depth

0.65m 2ft 4in

Outrigger Type


Traction Drive


Power Options

Mains only
Battery only
Petrol or Diesel Only
Bi-Energy (Engine & Battery)

How does the Nifty trailer mounted boom lift work?
The Nifty 150 trailer mounted boom lift can be towed into position using a regular sedan and tow bar. Traction-drive operation, hydraulically operated outriggers, in-basket controls and compact dimensions make this boom lift the convenient solution for working at heights.

Are trailer mounted boom lifts safe?
Trailer mounted boom lifts are safe to operate. The outriggers provide a firm footing for elevated work up to 15m high, plus a working outreach of 7.55m. Coates Hire provides elevated work platform (EWP) training, with the accredited qualifications valid for five years. 

How to start a trailer boom lift?
1: Pull out the emergency stop button on the Nifty 150 control panel. 
2: Select ‘platform’. 
3: Enter the platform. 
4: Pull out the emergency stop button on the platform control panel. 
5: Proceed with work using the buttons, lever and controller located on the operator console.
Please see the instructions manual of your access equipment because beginning any construction job.
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Trailer Mounted Boom - Diesel/Electric - 12.7M (42ft)