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Trailer Mounted Booms

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Trailer mounted booms available at Coates Hire can be towed by a regular vehicle, making them ideal for relocating to all types of work sites. Compact and lightweight, trailer mounted booms can be positioned and set up within minutes, and they have exceptional working capabilities for their size. Coates Hire supplies 10m and 18m platforms that will cover any application your business may have.Read more
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Model / Size
Trailer Mounted Boom - 10.0M - 11.0M Electric/Petrol/Diesel
Platform height elevated 10.2m (34ft)
Working height 12.03m (40ft)
Overall transport width 1.5m
Platform capacity 200kg
Transport weight 1.38 tonne
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Trailer Mounted Boom - 12.1M - 15.0M Petrol/Diesel
Trailer Mounted Boom - 15.0M Diesel/Electric

Facilities Maintenance Shopping centres and other indoor/outdoor areas Manufacturing and warehouse applications and stock-takes Telecommunication facilities Entertainment facilities Electricians Glaziers Plumbers All maintenance and construction work.

How to use a trailer mounted boom

A trailer mounted boom is designed to give maximum reach performance from a compact chassis. They feature ‘up and over’ capabilities for reaching difficult to access spaces, while hydraulic outriggers provide a safe and stable base, even on rough terrain. The controls are easy to operate for precise work at heights, making trailer mounted booms the convenient cherry picker/boom option for many purposes. Trailer mounted booms are useful for a variety of applications including:

  1. Multi-site contracts
  2. Building and factory maintenance
  3. Shopping centre maintenance
  4. Painting/Cleaning
  5. Tree trimming
  6. Warehousing
  7. Telecommunication and lighting facilities
Trailer mounted booms available from Coates Hire satisfy all industry standards and are regularly checked to ensure they are in top working order at all times. Here are a few tips for safe operation of a trailer mounted boom.

1. Wear appropriate work gear and a safety harness as directed.
2. Check all gauges are fully operational and in good working order.
3. Familiarise yourself with all controls for comfortable maneuverability of the platform.
4. Work at a safe pace and understand all the safety features of the trailer mounted boom.
5. Fully lower the boom and turn it off before safely dismounting.
Licence to operate a trailer mounted boom

You or your operator will require the appropriate licence to operate a trailer mounted boom or any other form of elevated work platform (EWP), including straight boom lifts, knuckle booms, scissor lifts, man lifts and other forms of cherry pickers for working at heights. Coates Hire initiatives include facilitating training courses that will deliver the skills you require in only a day or two of registered training, with attainments that include:

  1. Compliance with WH&S legislation
  2. Risk assessment and hazard control
  3. Appropriate loading of work platforms
  4. Emergency procedures and safety equipment
  5. Elevate and operate the work platform safely
  6. Work planning and routine checking
  7. Your statement of attainment upon course completion will provide qualifications for using booms of various heights.

TLILIC2005 – Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform with a boom length of 11m or more.

RIIHAN301D – Licence to operate all types of elevating work platforms under 11 metres.

How to hire a trailer mounted boom

Trailer mounted boom lift hire is straightforward at Coates Hire. With more than 150 Coates Hire branches Australia-wide, we have all your project needs covered. If it's your first time using a trailer mounted boom or another type of cherry picker, we will ensure you become a licenced operator in only a day or two of training. Whether you are an experienced operator or a beginner willing to have a go, Coates Hire will make sure you have the equipment and skills required to get the job done right first time.

Coates Hire welcomes customers in person, or you can contact us over the phone. You may prefer to use our convenient online enquiry form, and can even reserve the boom or other equipment so it is available when you need it. Coates Hire provides an extensive range of trailer mounted booms, scissor lifts, knuckle booms, straight booms, personnel lifts and other types of cherry pickers, making us the go-to hire company for some of Australia's leading building, construction and maintenance operators.

Why choose Coates Hire?

There are lots of good reasons for choosing Coates Hire. Our unbeatable hire-rates and superior customer service set us apart from the competition, and it’s reassuring to know there is a Coates Hire branch near you. We provide a 24/7 online service, a safety standard guarantee and same day delivery of equipment wherever possible. With Coates Hire, you can get everything you need to complete your work on budget and on schedule. A small trailer mounted boom lift will provide multiple access hire solutions that only a towable cherry picker can achieve, making access equipment hire from Coates Hire the right choice for every elevated work platform task.

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Trailer Mounted Booms