Implement Traffic Control Plans NSW

1 day, 8am until approximately 4pm, plus worksite assessment—on separate day -up to 2 hours.Candidates will be required to complete a logbook in the workplace, and undertake worksite assessment.
Minimum 6 — Maximum 12
Learn how to set up safe and compliant traffic control measures.Read more
Hard Hat
Safety Boots

Candidates will be required to complete a logbook in the workplace, and undertake worksite assessment within 90 days of completion of the course. Coates Hire Training Services will schedule regular live site assessment events for this purpose.

The skills required to control traffic with a stop-slow bat are not included in this course.

What will be covered
  • Know the basic function of the TGS/TCP system
  • Understand and make changes to TGS/TCP to suit the specific road environment in accordance with risk assessment
  • Use the site/location assessment, distinguish topographical landmarks and carry out authorised risk control
  • Identify, select, install and remove signs and traffic control devices in line with TGS/TCP
  • Understand speed, environment, type and class of vehicles, traffic density, sight lines, environmental conditions, weather patterns and surface type
  • Maintain traffic incident reports and daily diary
  • Implement a temporary TGS/TCP for emergency and/or unplanned works or in line with pre-approved generic plans or diagrams
  • Adapt to WHS and operational requirements

A Statement of Attainment for the following units, which comprise RIISS00041 Work Zone Traffic Control—Implement Traffic Control Guidance Plan Skill Set:

  • Successful participants are eligible for an Implement Traffic Control Plans card issued by NSW RMS.
  • RIIWHS201D Work safely and follow WHS policies and work procedures
  • RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIWHS302D Implement traffic management plan
  • Candidates will also be required to request a workplace supervisor complete an observation testimonial document attesting to workplace skills. Where this testimonial is not available, candidates will be required to undertake two live site assessments.
  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age and provide photo identification.
  • Candidates must successfully complete an online language, literacy and numeracy assessment prior to enrolment. Coates Hire Training Services highly recommends participants hold CPCCWHS1001 Work Safely in the Construction Industry or equivalent.
  • Language, literacy and numeracy skills are required to the level of completing workplace forms.
  • Problem solving activities
  • Problem solving questions—written
  • Group participation
  • Work type activities
  • Observation of practical skills on live site

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Implement Traffic Control Plans NSW