Height Safety Equipment Inspection Training

Height Safety Equipment Inspection Training

When working at heights, safety is paramount. This height safety equipment training course is for those that regularly inspect full body harnesses and shock absorbing lanyards for defects and wearing.

Other Requirements

Adequate level of literacy and numeracy skills. Must be at least 16 years of age.Photo ID.


Certificate of Trainee Card


This course cover knowledge and skills required to undertake the inspection of height safety equipment and includes

  • Legislation and requirements
  • Understand inspection requirements
  • Carry out an inspection of a full body harness
  • Demonstrate if a harness should be removed from service
  • Conducting an inspection of a shock absorbing lanyard
  • Completing records for compliance to the relevant standard
  • Personal protective equipment(PPE)
  • Clear work area and tidy up

Assessment Process

  • Attendance only
  • Group participation
  • Short answer questions(written)

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