Operate Breathing Apparatus

Operate Breathing Apparatus

Other Requirements

Coates Hire highly recommends candidates hold Construction Induction White Card
Writing is required to the level of completing workplace forms.
Must be at least 16 years of age


  • MSMWHS216 – Operate breathing apparatus
  • Trainee card


  • Inspect, don, operate, remove, clean and maintain breathing apparatus
  • Return breathing apparatus to operational status
  • Characteristics, component parts, operation of compressed air breathing apparatus
  • Operating breathing apparatus
  • Operational testing, standard operating procedures and safe work practices when wearing breathing apparatus
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Relevant Australian Standards (AS)
  • Respiratory system, effects of irrespirable atmospheres on the body and how breathing apparatus supports personal protection
  • Types of irrespirable atmospheres (heated, smoke or other suspended particles)
  • Use of procedures, personal lines and tallies
  • Use of the Distress Signal Unit

Assessment Process

  • Problem solving activities
  • Problem solving questions—written
  • Group participation
  • Work type activities
  • Observation of practical skills

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