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Trolley – Stair Climbing

Code: 26710
A heavy-duty, sturdily constructed trolley for transporting weighty items up or down stairs. The 6 stair climbing wheels work in tandem for comfortable and stable movement. Use the ratchet to secure large items such as refrigerators and washing machines. For part-time use while moving house, ongoing delivery work, or construction industry applications, this stair climbing trolley is a serious workhorse.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The stair climbing trolley is suitable for transporting white goods, furniture boxes, book boxes and other heavy and awkward items. Used in conjunction with a removal van, utility vehicle or trailer, this trolley provides ergonomic support while performing heavy lifting, providing a safe and comfortable construction, warehouse or delivery operation.
What’s the purpose of a stair climbing trolley?

A stair climbing trolley allows you to transport heavy whitegoods, boxes and other bulky items up and downs stairs safely. The six wheels rotate around each other, allowing free wheels to roll naturally onto each step, whether going up or down.

How much weight can a stair climbing trolley hold?

This trolley is constructed from solid steel, with hard wearing wheels, and can easily accommodate a weighty refrigerator, washing machine or stack of boxes. Use an appropriate ratchet strap or ropes to secure the load for safe relocation.

Is it safe to use a stair climbing trolley?

These trolleys are constructed with stair climber wheels for transporting heavy items safely. However, it is always best to employ an extra pair of hands when moving heavy items and ensuring heavy loads on the climb trolley don’t overbalance. Explore dozens of Coates Hire solutions for moving and relocating heavy furniture, equipment and machinery.
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Trolley – Stair Climbing