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Compressor 8 - 20 CFM - Electric/Petrol

Code: 10300
Small and portable, this electric or petrol operated air compressor can power a huge range of tools. Ready for action with power cord, regulator and electric motor suitable for indoor use, the 8-20 CFM model is an essential piece of equipment for ensuring optimal tool performance at all times. Easily transported in most vehicles, then wheeled into position for providing ample air volume, an electric/petrol air compressor is convenience-plus.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Tradespersons, contractors and home handymen all appreciate air compressor convenience for making big jobs easy. This compressor is suitable for solo workers and team workers who use tools that include angle grinders, impact wrenches, nail guns and spray paint applicators. Every hands-on worker will benefit from air compressor versatility.
Size 8cfm
Compressed Output (3.8 litres/sec) @ 100psi

Sized 10cfm
Compressed Output (4.7 litres/sec)@100psi

Size 12cfm
Compressed output (5.6 litres/sec)@100psi

Sized 15cfm
Compressed Output (7.0 litres/sec)@100psi

Size 17cfm
Compressed Output (8 litres/sec)2100psi
What is a petrol compressor used for?

Petrol air compressors are universally appreciated by tradies and professionals who require powerful energy solutions. A petrol air compressor can be used to power spray guns, nail guns and other building and construction tools. 

Where can I use a compressor?

Air compressors are incredibly versatile and are used around construction and building sites every day. This versatile electric or petrol-driven air compressor provides even more options. Portable solutions are important at Coates Hire, and a small 8-20 cfm air compressor may be all that’s required for completing a quality project around the home or anywhere else. 

Who can operate a compressor?

Air compressors can be operated by almost anyone, and Coates Hire has the best petrol compressor hire range available. For more information regarding your air compressor needs, contact Coates Hire online or visit your nearest branch for first-hand experience and expert advice. 
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Compressor 8 - 20 CFM - Electric/Petrol