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Vacuum Cleaner - Wet & Dry - Small

Code: 12655
This small wet & dry vacuum cleaner has countless applications for domestic and commercial use. Powerful suction and special construction facilitates vacuuming of all types of dirt, refuse, liquid spills and other materials. Ideal for use in smaller business and domestic settings, this wet & dry vacuum cleaner is an all-weather powerhouse for keeping on top of the job.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The wet & dry vacuum is ideal for maintaining a safe and comfortable work site. Clean up small areas after storm damage, mop up spills and suck away dirt and dust for creating a superior finished product. This product is used by construction workers, clean-up crews, professional tradespersons and DIY experts.
How does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner work?

The design of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is simple but innovative. Instead of a single vacuum bag, wet and dry cleaners utilise a two-bucket system that separates liquids from solids. Dirt and debris is separated through water, and the expelled air contains far less dust than that from a regular vacuum cleaner.

Does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner wash carpets?

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners shouldn’t be confused with heavy-duty carpet cleaning equipment, although some similar principles apply. A wet and dry vacuum will clean carpets and other flooring, including wet spaces. These vacuums are safe to use near water and are suitable for outdoor applications. 

How to use a wet vacuum cleaner?

Heavy-duty wet & dry vacuum cleaners are used every day by professional cleaners, builders and maintenance personnel. This small vacuum has industrial vacuum power for cleaning up large areas in a hurry, with safety a top priority. At Coates Hire, we make wet vacuum cleaner hire easy, with an Australia-wide network of hire centres and unbeatable wet/dry vacuum cleaner hiring rates. 
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Vacuum Cleaner - Wet & Dry - Small