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Water Blaster 1500PSI - Electric

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This small yet powerful electric water blaster is perfect for cleaning in areas subject to noise restrictions. Also known as a pressure cleaner or Gerni, a water blaster is the convenient way to remove dirt, dust, stains, oil and grease from almost any surface. The handy pressure gun plus lengthy power and water cables and hoses provide plenty of reach for difficult-to-access spaces.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
This water blaster has automotive, domestic and construction applications. It is suitable for use indoors and outside. Sturdy construction, hard-wearing tyres and easy power and water connectivity make this small 1500psi water blaster an all-round performer for building and maintenance operations.
What surfaces can I clean with 1500 PSI electric water blaster?

This high-pressure water cleaner is ideal for cleaning industrial kitchens, degreasing garage floors and machinery, cleaning mossy paving and driveways and more. Pressurised and targeted water makes easy work of building and roof maintenance, while cars, boats and motorcycles are all improved with an occasional pressure clean.

Do pressure washers have adjustable pressures?

Coates Hire provides a diverse range of electric, petrol and diesel pressure washers, all with adjustable pressure control. This pressure washer is incredibly versatile, while the trigger gun is lightweight and conveniently directed by handgrip-trigger control. The pressurised water is processed, stored and ready for immediate delivery as a surface cleaner or other application.

When is it suitable to use an electric water blaster?

This high-pressure water blaster is the perfect solution for indoor use. The quiet operation of this high-pressure washer will satisfy noise restriction requirements and it emits zero engine fumes. A high-pressure water jet spray gun is the best way to remove stubborn dirt and sludge when pipe cleaning, and the high-pressure hose provides plenty of reach for powered pressure cleaning.  
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Water Blaster 1500PSI - Electric