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Water Carts

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Water carts are an essential link to ensure quality water is always available. When water tanks run dry, a water cart with large volume capacity is the answer. Water trucks fill up at designated points around Australia, making Coates Hire water trucks the time and cost saving solution for topping up supplies. Water cart truck features include a roll over protection system, hose reels, spray heads and more. 
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Model / Size
Water Cart 5000L
Water Cart 7000L
Tank Capacity (l) 7000
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Water Cart 11200 - 13000L
Tank Capacity (l) 11000
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Water Cart 15000L
Water Cart 18000L
Water trucks are designed to be driven on standard roads, so they are suitable for anyone with the appropriate truck license. Coates Hire water carts hold from 5000 - 18000 litres, enough water to fill a household or farm water tank. Water is heavy haulage, but Coates Hire water cart trucks are in new or as-new condition, and ready to deliver. Coates Hire machinery and equipment is cleaned and inspected prior to every hire and serviced by highly qualified professionals. 
What is a water truck?
A water truck is used to haul large quantities of water from one place to another. Water trucks are powerful enough to negotiate tricky driveways and access roads and include hose reels for topping up your water tank.

How much water can a water truck hold?
Coates Hire water trucks hold up to 18000 litres. That is enough water to serve a regular family for months. If you have purchased a new water tank, hire a water trunk that will deliver the amount you require. 

Where to hire a water truck?
With an Australia-wide network of hire branches, and more machinery and equipment than anyone else, Coates Hire is the answer. We deliver the products needed to keep Australia moving, including fresh drinking water and fire-fighting water in emergencies.
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Water Carts