To get the most out of your pump hire, you'll need the right equipment and accessories. Whether you just need to suck up some puddles or you're dewatering a mine or construction site, pump accessories help you get the job done faster, safer and more efficiently.

Here are some of the most useful pump and dewatering accessories for water management projects of all sizes.

A hose might be included when you hire a diesel water pump or other water management system, but this won't always be enough for your needs. If you need to move water over a longer distance, or something more powerful to suck and discharge sewage, check what other pump hoses your equipment supplier offers, including flat and flanged hoses.

Intake pipes

Motorised pumps should be fitted with reinforced intake pipes designed to stand up to high water pressure. This prevents the pipes getting crushed or pinched, which can affect the pump's performance and even lead to overheating and breakdowns. Make sure the pipe you choose is an exact fit for the diameter and model of pump you're hiring.  


If you care about the quality of water you're pumping, good filtration is essential for removing contaminants. Your pump supplier can discuss the different types of filters and strainers they have available, which can clean and purify water or remove sediment and solid objects that could damage the pump mechanism itself.


Prevent your pump from running dry or overheating by fitting a regulator that will automatically switch it on or off based on the available pressure. Most regulators also include thermal protection that will stop the flow it the pump develops a fault. The regulator you choose needs to match the electrical power rating of your pump and to withstand the pressure you're using.


For manual dewatering tasks, take full control over water flow with a pistol-grip nozzle attachment. Other nozzle attachments can control the flow automatically, such as fountain nozzles for water displays. Couplings If you're using more than one hose or multiple pumps, couplings are the time-saving way to make new connections without having to deal with the nuts and bolts. Make sure the couplings you choose are designed for the level of irrigation you're doing.

Acoustic barriers

Pumping can be a noisy business, which is where sound barriers can come in handy. Essential if you're pumping in or near to a residential area, these soundproofed structures enclose the pump to reduce noise pollution from the motor and pumping activity, as well as reducing complaints.

Remote monitoring systems

When you connect your pump to a web-based monitoring system, you or your personnel can check up on your pumps in real-time, wherever you are. This allows larger projects to be managed from a single location.

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From hoses and pipes to sediment tanks, Coates Hire has one of the largest ranges of pump accessories in Australia. To find out more about our ground water management systems, visit your nearest Coates Hire branch.

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