If you need to compact soil, asphalt or other materials, you need to make sure you've got the right equipment for the job. The type of compactor you hire should be based on a number of criteria, including:  
  1. the type of material to be compacted
  2. the level of compaction you need
  3. the load-bearing strength required
  4. the size of the area to be compacted whether access is restricted
Your equipment supplier will need this information so they recommend the most suitable compactor for hire. Find out more about the most common types of equipment below.

Padfoot rollers

Single drum padfoot rollers can handle most light to medium compaction work, such as preparing road substructures, parking areas, airfields and trench backfills.

Also known as paddies or sheep's foot rollers, these versatile compactors are suitable for most cohesive, semi-cohesive and granular materials, including clay and silt soils. The kneading action of the pads removes air pockets to increase the soil's density.

Padfoot rollers are available in weights from 3t–16t. You can also hire a padfoot roller with a levelling blade for thicker lifts.

Smooth single drum rollers

If you're compacting coarse or non-cohesive materials such as gravel, loam or sand, you'll need a smooth drum roller. The weight and vibration of the drum create a denser matrix with high load-bearing strength suitable for highways, car parks, building foundations, dams and industrial sites.

Single drum rollers are available from 5t–17t.

Smooth double drum rollers

A double drum roller compacts at both the front and the rear, allowing for the compaction of asphalt, road base and other fine granular materials. Tandem rollers are suitable for footpaths, playgrounds, roadworks and industrial yards.

Double drum rollers are available from 1t–12t
Multi-tyre pneumatic rollers 

Another option for compacting asphalt, granular road base and soils, multi-wheel rollers are normally used for finishing and sealing, as the vertical oscillation of the tyres can level out uneven surfaces.

Multi-tyre rollers are available from 3t–24t, with open or closed cabs. You can also choose from a range of features including adjustable ballast and air-on-the-run tyres for enhanced performance.

Portable compactors

Compactors come in all shapes and sizes, including handy mini compactors ideal for narrow spaces or sites that are difficult to access. This equipment is easy to transport in a ute and still has all the power you need. Options include:
  1. Trench rollers – mini padfoot rollers that can fit inside a trench and be operated by remote control.
  2. Vibrating pedestrian rollers – an alternative to double drum rollers for footpaths, playgrounds and
  3. other sub-bases when space is limited.
  4. Vibrating plate compactors – available in light and heavy variants with customisable features such as reversible and water attachments.
  5. Vibrating rammers – for backfilling and patching jobs on cohesive, granular or mixed soils.

Compactor hire Australia-wide

Whatever surface or space you're working on, Coates Hire has the right compaction equipment for every job, from padfoot and smooth drum rollers to portable compactors. Talk to your local Coates Hire team to find out more.

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