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Wheel Barrow – Heavy Duty

Code: 11620
A full-sized wheelbarrow ideal for any building, renovation, demolition or landscaping projects. A wheelbarrow is an essential builders tool, and this heavy-duty model with large tray capacity and pneumatic tyres will make life easier. Sturdy construction, rubber base supports and a strong axle make this heavy-duty wheelbarrow the first choice for on the job performance.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
The heavy-duty wheelbarrow with large tray capacity is suitable for carrying building materials, cement, concrete, garden waste and much more. Solid construction is key, allowing the user to maintain safe and steady control even while working on difficult angles.
What is a heavy-duty wheelbarrow for?

A heavy-duty wheelbarrow is designed for carrying weighty materials. This wheelbarrow has a heavy-duty tray and pneumatic tyres suitable for concrete and construction work. The powder steel coated anti-rust construction is sturdy and stable even on sloping sites. 

What is the capacity of a heavy-duty wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow is pushed by one person, so it makes sense that the load isn’t too heavy to handle. This heavy wheelbarrow tray holds a full load of mixed concrete or other materials. Wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, electric cement mixers, power tools and useful gardening tools are all available at Coates Hire. 

What are the different wheelbarrow types?

There are lots of wheelbarrow designs for specialised use. Lightweight poly tray and double-wheel barrows are popular for garden maintenance, while heavily constructed barrows with steel tray, wide wheel and strong axle are the builders wheelbarrow of choice. Quality makes all the difference, and Coates Hire showcases high quality products. 
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Wheel Barrow – Heavy Duty