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Choose from heavy-duty hoses and pump accessories designed for wide ranging applications in the pumping industry. Builders, concreters, developers and rural workers all understand discharge and suction hose capability for getting big jobs done with a minimum of fuss. Get the right couplings and pump hose accessories at Coates Hire.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Steel Cap Boots
Model / Size
Pump Hose Flanged Discharge 660mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Flanged 150mm Steel/Poly (Per Metre)
Hose Flanged Discharge Pump 250mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Layflat 25mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Layflat 100mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Layflat 150mm High Pressure (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Layflat 300mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Lightweight Steel 100mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Lightweight Steel 200mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Petrol/Chemical 50mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Suction 100mm (Per Metre)
Pump Hose Suction 200mm (Per Metre)
Pump hose options at Coates Hire include flanged discharge pump hoses that can be joined to any length with securely fitted and clamped couplings. Check out our wide range of couplings and pump hose fittings for adaptable fluid management, dewatering, sump pumping, concrete pumping and water storage pumping.
What hose materials are used?
There are lots of pump hose choices. Some hoses are designed to be flexible and adaptable, while others are fixed and rigid. Pump hoses can be made from heavy duty rubber, polyethylene, layflat PVC and fire-resistant materials.

What pump hose should I use for big jobs?
It really depends on the job, as every type of hose has been designed to fulfil a particular role. Coates Hire equipment includes flanged high pressure discharge hoses and flanged wire-armoured pump hoses used for suction or delivery of high volumes of fluid materials.

Does Coates Hire stock hose clamps and accessories?
Our extensive hire product range includes all the right hose band clamps, pipe clamps, threaded couplings and plenty of accessories to personalise pumps and fluid management for your specific needs. 
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