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Earth Moving Equipment Hire

Whether you need to dig a hole or fill one in, Coates Hire has an extensive range of earthmoving equipment for hire to suit any construction, demolition, landscaping or infrastructure project. Our excavators, skid steer loaders and other earthmoving machinery are highly specialised, with an even wider range of attachments making sure you’ll always have the right tool for every job.

Contact your local Coates Hire branch to discuss your options and hire reliable earthmoving equipment Australia wide. Our maintenance and service teams are always on standby to help you get set up and make sure your project completes on time.

What is earth moving equipment?

As its name suggests, earth moving equipment is heavy equipment, usually vehicles, designed to dig and redistribute earth and other materials on sites. Most earthmoving machinery is powered by hydraulics and requires a single operator.

It includes excavators and other digging equipment to remove earth for trenches and foundations, loaders to move earth and other materials away from the area and graders to prepare and finish the ground. Typically, a project will require several different types of earthmoving equipment working together.

What types of earthmoving equipment does Coates Hire offer?

Coates Hire has earthmoving machinery for every situation. Every region has a dedicated earthmoving and compaction specialist who will make sure you’re provided with the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment for the task at hand.

Machine control

If you have your own excavators, graders or compaction equipment, we can fit GPS positioning and guidance technology to enhance productivity. We provide full installation and training if needed. See all machine control


Backhoe loaders in a range of sizes that can be fitted with a wide range of tools. Designed for reliability and efficiency with a high level of operator comfort. See all backhoes

Backhoe attachments

We supply a variety of backhoe attachments suitable for any work site. Hire backhoe augers, blades, buckets, forks, hydraulic hammers, rippers and more. See all backhoe attachments


Hire excavators in sizes up to 35t. Our excavator cabs have been ergonomically designed to improve operator comfort and efficiency and reduce fatigue. See all excavators

Excavator attachments

Get more use out of your excavators with a huge range of attachments including augers, buckets, hammers, post hole rippers and more specialised tools for general purpose and difficult sites. See all excavator attachments

Mini excavators

Ideal for smaller sites and hard to access areas, mini excavators are available in sizes from 0.8t to 1.8t. They can be delivered on trailers if preferred. See all mini excavators

Mini excavator attachments

Mini excavators are versatile machines when fitted with our range of attachments for digging, backfilling, levelling, utility trenching and other tasks. See all mini excavator attachments

Mini excavator trailer package

This cost-effective package includes a 1.4t mini excavator and 3 general purpose buckets of various sizes, supplied on a lightweight trailer that’s easy to tow. Total weight below 2000kg. See mini excavator trailer packages

Skid steer loaders

The Swiss army knife of the work site, a skid steer or “bobcat” can be ideal for agriculture, construction, landscaping and other projects. Available with tyres or rubber tracks. See all skid steer loaders

Skid steer attachments

Skid steers can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments to perform a range of jobs, from augers, buckets and trenchers to brushcutters, mulchers and brooms. See all skid steer attachments

Wheel loaders/ITC

A wheel loader or Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC) moves materials around your site and loads them onto trucks and conveyors. Adjustable suspension seats and steering columns ensure operator comfort. See all wheel loaders & ITC

Wheel loaders/ITC attachments

As well as a variety of bucket sizes, we have a range of wheel loader and ITC attachments to improve material handling efficiency on your site, including forks and hooks. See all wheel loader/ITC attachments

Articulated dump trucks

If your site has wet or boggy ground, these articulated dumpers with low ground pressure tyres will ensure safety and efficiency. Available in sizes from 3.5t to 9t. See all articulated dump trucks

Motor graders

Whether you’re carrying out road maintenance, slope work, finish grading or digging a ditch, motor graders are versatile machines. Available with a variety of attachments and optional machine control. See all motor graders

Road building – bitumen equipment

These broom attachments are compatible with skid steer loaders and tractors. Their windrowing action clears loose debris out of the way to prevent damage. See all broom attachments

Tractors & attachments

Hire 4x2 and 4x4 tractors with a range of attachments for agricultural work or construction. Talk to your local branch for tractor hire rates. See all tractors & attachments

Water carts

Indispensable assets on any construction site or mine, we have various sizes of water trucks to help with cleaning, wetting and dust control. All include approved roll over protection and other safety features. See all water carts

Do I need a licence to operate earthmoving equipment?

Licensing requirements vary from state to state and from site to site, but operators will generally need to complete appropriate training and to hold a valid licence to use earthmoving equipment in Australia. Talk to your local Coates Hire branch to find out what licensing is needed and see our training courses offered all year round. Find out more

How to hire earth moving equipment

When you’re deciding which earth moving equipment to hire for your site, some of the most important questions to ask yourself and your earthmoving and compaction specialist include:
● What type of work do you need the equipment for?
● What size or load capacity do you need?
● What attachments do you require?
● How many hours per day, or days per week, will it be used?
● Are there issues with access on your site?
● Do you need rubber tracks or steel tracks?
● Are there any other potential hazards on your site?
● Do you want GPS machine control?

Why choose Coates Hire for earth moving equipment hire?

Coates Hire is a leading supplier of earthmoving equipment Australia wide. We only work with premium brands to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety from all equipment. Our ergonomically designed cabs make sure operators will be as comfortable and productive as possible.

When you hire earthmoving equipment from Coates Hire, our Integrated Equipment Management system – Silver Service guarantees that your equipment is maintained in line with the latest OHS safety standards. We also provide nationwide breakdown support and servicing to keep your earthmoving equipment operating efficiently and minimise downtime.

To get a quote for earth moving equipment hire anywhere in Australia, call Coates Hire today on 13 15 52, send an online enquiry below or visit your nearest branch.