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What is earthmoving equipment?
Earthmoving equipment takes many forms, with most of the machinery regularly used in the construction industry. Examples include excavators, graders, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, machine control systems and more. Coates Hire partners with the building industry, governments and private developers to deliver earthmoving equipment for major tasks in challenging environments, and the end result is worth it.

Earthmoving equipment creates correctly cambered corners on roads, establishes engineered building sites, undertakes excavation for drainage and services and remodels entire hillsides when developing large sites. On a smaller scale, earthmoving equipment also includes mini excavators, mid-sized backhoes, tractors and attachments suitable for performing unlimited tasks around the acreage.

How do earth movers work?
A big advantage of having heavy duty earthmoving equipment on your side is versatility.  An excavator with attachments, for example, can include a hammer, grabber, ripper, auger or bucket. These attachments are purpose-designed for the machinery, allowing the excavator operator to carry out wide-ranging tasks and overcome inevitable obstacles along the way.

Earthmoving equipment also includes motor graders large enough to perform heavy blading and grading of roadworks. Again, versatility is a high priority, and this large machine can perform side road maintenance, side/bank slope work, ditch building, repair work and other essential tasks involved with a finished and cambered road. When earthmoving equipment is paired with GPS and UTS guidance and tracking systems, the engineered results are 100% accurate and reliable. Coates Hire machine control systems are easy to use, with training available.

What is earthmoving equipment used for?
Every job is different, so Coates Hire makes sure all angles are covered. The choices are all yours, regardless if you are undertaking a small DIY task or a major venture requiring coordination with lots of stakeholders. Planning ahead with experts is key, and Coates Hire has the options you require. Anytime you have earth that needs digging, moving, relocating or reshaping, earthmoving equipment will do the job properly.

Earthmoving equipment is driver-controlled heavy duty machinery. The skills required to drive, control and operate the machinery are surprisingly easy to learn, and anyone who can drive a car can soon master earthmoving equipment. Hire earthmoving equipment from Coates Hire and appreciate the additional advice, assistance and training courses to help you progress from commencement to completion of the project. Steep and overgrown sites are no match for earthmoving equipment that is designed and built for the task.

What are the different types of earthmoving equipment?
With so many plant and machinery options, it’s important to choose the right heavy duty machines and attachments for your job. Here is an indication of what can be achieved at the work site.

Excavators and Mini Excavators: Used for digging and moving earth, common applications of excavators and mini excavators include construction, demolition, remodelling, elevating, drainage and agriculture.

Road Roller: Compressing road and trail foundations is no problem with a road roller. These machines will compact sand, gravel, asphalt and concrete for creating solid foundations.

Hydraulic Hammer: The hydraulic hammer can be attached to an excavator for breaking through concrete, rocks and other obstacles at a building site.

Excavator Bucket: Always useful, an excavator bucket will lift and scoop up rocks, stones, pebbles and unwanted waste. This attachment is ideal for pool digs and landscaping jobs.

Drilling Machine: Capable of drilling deep holes, a drilling machine is great for landscaping, pool digging, well digging and digging large depth and diameter holes for large posts.

Post Hole Digger: A smaller post hole digger is portable and ready to set up for drilling multiple holes for fence posts, retaining walls and other construction and landscaping tasks.

Graders: A heavy duty grader is essential when forming an engineered road or driveway surface with the correct camber. A grader will scrape and contour a surface without disturbing the subsurface.

Steer Loaders: Available with multiple attachments, steer loaders are multi-functional workhorses useful at all types of building sites. An unlimited number of small/medium and regular tasks can be performed using a skid steer loader with attachments.

There are many types of motor graders, excavators, diggers and construction industry moving equipment available at Coates Hire. If you have small amounts of earth and rocks to move, or are managing a large construction workforce, contact your nearest Coates Hire service centre and we will assist with your plan. We have an Australia-wide network of hire centres, and more available products than anyone else, so it’s no surprise that major construction industry builders and developers choose to partner with Coates Hire.

What are the benefits of earthmoving equipment?
At Coates Hire we move with the times to ensure our clients have access to the highest quality construction and earthmoving equipment. There are heaps of benefits for saving time, money and heartache. Here are a few primary benefits of using earthmoving equipment from Coates Hire.

1. Quality Improvement. Reliability and usefulness of heavy duty construction equipment is a high priority. Work can be completed without quality defects and with minimal delays. Earthmoving equipment leads to greater productivity without poor workmanship.

2. Greater project efficiency. The limitations associated with manual labour are not an issue when using appropriate earthmoving equipment. If accuracy and speed are factors in your construction project, look no further than Coates Hire earthmoving and construction equipment.

3. Cost savings and profitability. Greater productivity and maximum profitability is an aim that can be achieved by using earthmoving equipment. If yours is a large project, your available manpower can get a lot done in a short space of time for cost-effective construction.

4. Worker safety. Australian building safety regulations are stringent and must be followed for the safety of all workers and visitors to your site. By using the right grader, excavator, drill or digger, your workers will remain safe and in control of operations.

High quality earthmoving equipment has unlimited applications for building and construction projects. In addition, Coates Hire provides accredited training courses for builders, tradies and DIY professionals who want to upgrade their qualifications. We will help you make the transition from solo jobs to large scale projects requiring teamwork and coordination. Importantly, all Coates Hire machinery is in new or as-new condition, so you get maximum value for your earthmoving machinery hire investment.

Does Coates Hire have machine control equipment?
We certainly do. Our machine control equipment includes global positioning system (GPS) and universal tracking system (UTS) control equipment for precise roadworks and construction works. Depending on the control system configuration, this equipment can help in various ways. It can provide simple visual guidance to the operator regarding bucket or blade position or can automatically move the blade according to directions given to the machine’s hydraulic system.

This state of the art technology takes the guesswork out of measurements and angles, providing the earthmoving machinery operator with millimetre-level accuracy. All this is performed via an in-cab display that communicates real-time information regarding the terrain and machine. Machine control equipment has a lot of advantages that include higher machine productivity, efficiency, lower surveying costs, highest accuracy, reduced rework, better quality finishing and lower operating costs. Coates Hire are solutions experts who know how to get a job done fast, and machine control equipment is high on the list of priorities for large construction jobs.
How much does it cost to hire earth moving equipment?

This will depend on the machinery and equipment you hire, along with the duration of hire. At Coates Hire, we aim to provide the most competitive hire rates available, so you can increase profitability. Along with our unbeatable rates is our unbeatable range of equipment, so you are assured of getting the right earthmoving equipment precisely when you need it. With Coates Hire, you can even reserve equipment online so it is ready for pickup or delivery, and ready for action.

We understand that time is money. That’s why we have branches in all major Australian cities and regional centres and offer an extensive earthmoving equipment range that can’t be matched. Our motor graders, excavators, loaders, water carts, road building equipment and accessories won’t be beat for heavy duty quality and are available when you need them. All Coates Hire equipment and machinery is regularly serviced, plus cleaned and checked prior to every hire, ensuring you get best value earthmoving equipment for the best available hire price.