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Generator Hire
When you're working on a remote site or just want the security of a backup power supply, a petrol or diesel generator will keep your systems running and avoid costly disruptions. Available in a huge range of sizes to meet all your power distribution needs, having your own power station on-site puts you in control.

Whether you need a short-term backup supply or long-term alternative to grid electricity, Coates Hire has the largest selection of generators, also known as load banks, for hire Australia wide. From portable 2kVA generator hire up to 1400kVA container-style generators with large fuel tanks,
contact your local branch to organise your custom power solution today.
What is a generator?
A power generator is a portable electricity supply that can replace or supplement grid electricity when it isn't available. Depending on its size and output, a generator or load bank can power anything from small hand tools and electronics to heavy machinery and construction equipment.

Generators have a wide variety of uses, from supplying power in residential homes and commercial buildings during outages to supplying all the power for sites or events in remote locations that don't have access to conventional energy sources.
How does a generator work?
A petrol or diesel generator runs on a fuel tank that needs to be topped up regularly to keep the system operating. This chemical energy powers a turbine that creates an electrical current which is delivered to connected machinery.

If more energy is needed, a load bank of generators can be turned into a mobile power station that powers a whole building or work site through distribution boards and other generator accessories. Large generators can produce a lot of noise, unless you choose a generator with a silent canopy. Diesel generators are unsuitable for use indoors as they emit fumes.

What types of generators does Coates Hire offer?
Coates Hire supplies all sizes of generators for hire. Your local branch can recommend the best type and size of generator to meet your power needs.
Portable generator hire
Lightweight portable generators can be ideal for small to medium power needs, without the expense of a larger generator hire cost. We supply:
•  Briefcase type generators (2kVA) – for power tools rated up to 1000W
•  Inverter generators (4.3kVA) – for larger tools and appliances up to 3000W
•  Rollframe type generators (3-9kVA) – for tools and welding equipment up to 7000W
•  Trailer mounted generators (11-36kVA) – for smaller construction equipment up to 28,000W

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Silent generator hire
If you're working in a residential area or want to avoid noise pollution, silenced generators feature sound-reduced canopies for quiet and efficient operation. We offer:
•  Silenced skid-mounted generators (10-550kVA) – available in a wide range of sizes that can scale to all projects and events
•  Container style generators (650-1400kVA) – these heavy-duty generators provide over 1 megawatt (1,000,000 watts) of power

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Generator accessories
Make sure you have all the equipment and accessories you need to put your generators to use, including:
•   Distribution boards and transfer switches
•   Fuel tanks and bowsers
•   Cables, leads and other accessories

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Do I need a licence to operate a generator?
Generator and load bank operators do not need a licence in Australia. However, setting up and wiring a generator can only be done by a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. This varies by state and territory. Coates Hire can help you get set up and keep your generator running with refuelling and maintenance services.
How to choose the right generator
When you're choosing a generator for event, construction or industrial use, you need to be confident that the power supply will satisfy your needs. To help Coates Hire calculate the size and type of generators you need, we need to know:
•  What equipment you will be running off the generator
•  Your power requirement in kVA or kW
•  Whether you need single phase or three phase power
•  How many hours a day the generator will be in use
•  Whether you need a portable or skid-mounted system
•  Whether noise is an issue and you need a silenced generator
•  Whether you need distribution equipment
•  If there are any access issues we need to be aware of on your site
Why choose Coates Hire for generators and power distribution?
Coates Hire offers a wide selection of generators for hire in all parts of Australia to meet the demands of large construction projects and events. We only use trusted brands and all our equipment meets current environmental and OH&S requirements.
We'll deliver your generator to your site, set it up and show your team how to operate it. If you need refuelling and maintenance, we also offer this service to keep you up and running, so you'll be free to concentrate on the task at hand.
To find out more about generator hire and get a quote for hire rates in your location, call us today on 13 15 52, send an online enquiry below or
find your nearest branch.