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Site Shed Hire
Every major project relies on manpower, machinery and purposeful onsite amenities. Site sheds are a major component in healthy and happy worksites and other environments where infrastructure is required. Site sheds, amenities blocks, and other portable buildings can be transported wherever required and set up fast, making them a value-added move for a first-rate worksite.
What are the features of site accommodation equipment?

There are various site shed configurations and layouts available depending on your purpose. Commercial site shed hire and accommodation hire isn’t about overnight stays, but rather how to accommodate staff, contractors and visitors while they are at your worksite. A good site shed should be a comfortable and cool escape from the elements and a place to relax during breaks. A basic 12m x 12m open plan site shed from Coates Hire includes reverse-cycle air conditioning and standard vinyl flooring, while optional extras include:

  1. Plan bench
  2. Bar fridge
  3. Whiteboard
  4. Filing cabinet
  5. Kitchen facilities
  6. Internal offices
  7. Window security
Are site sheds portable?

Site shed solutions at Coates Hire are diverse. In fact, some of our site shed products, such as Coates Hire Wagons are towable and fully mobile. Ideal for use as a lunch wagon or portable office, these wagons are the fast way to set up your worksite and get your project moving. Towable toilet wagons are also available.

What amenities are included in site sheds?

Most workers don't expect onsite luxury, but there are some essential components to any functional work site. If you are planning a project, you may need to factor in toilets, electricity, water, shelter, kitchen facilities and a whole lot more. It makes sense to draw a rough map of your planned work site including amenities sheds so you get the set up right first time. Experienced Coates Hire staff will be on hand to assist if required with the setup.

What can site sheds be used for?

There are unlimited projects utilising site sheds every day for a multitude of purposes. Commercial subcontractor site shed hire configurations are flexible, and there are dozens of sizes available. Here are some of the amenities included in various types of site sheds, all available at Coates Hire.

Lunch room:
  1. 6 tables and 36 stacker chairs
  2. Sink and bench
  3. Pie oven/food warmer
  4. Bar fridge
  5. Microwave
  6. Wall mounted air conditioning
  7. Mini boiler
Change rooms:
  1. Bench seats
  2. Coat hooks
  3. Strip heater or air conditioner
  4. Exhaust fan
  5. Optional extras include lockers and a fire extinguisher
First Aid building:
  1. Hand basin with hot water
  2. Office desk and chair
  3. Visitors chairs
  4. Wall mounted air conditioner
  5. Sink cupboard
  6. Additional first aid equipment available
  1. Office desk
  2. Swivel chair
  3. Visitors chairs
  4. Wall mounted air conditioner
How to transport site sheds?

With Coates Hire, there is no trouble moving your site shed office or other building to your site. We have the equipment, vehicles, manpower and expertise to make the job go smoothly and safely. Towable sheds are also available and are a popular alternative for smaller operations.

A site check can be arranged before delivery, and it is highly advised that your site shed is anchored and secured as a precaution against bad weather events and other hazards. Site shed units with kitchen, bathroom or sleepouts will need to be hooked up for plumbing and electricity connections. 

Why choose Coates Hire?

If you are embarking on a new project, it's important to make the right initial steps. With Coates Hire, you have access to all the equipment and machinery you require for timely completion of all stages of the work. In addition, Coates Hire branches are conveniently located in all major Australian cities and regional centres, and with more than 150 branches around the country, there is probably one near you. While others stand back not knowing what to do, Coates Hire experts are ready, willing and able to give you the helping hand you need.

How to hire site accommodation?

You can visit a Coates Hire branch in person, contact us over the phone, or use the convenient online enquiry form. You can even reserve the equipment you are interested in so it is ready for use exactly when you need it. Coates Hire site shed hire prices are highly competitive, and our superior service translates into savings for you. Large projects involving transportable buildings involve a lot of considerations, but with Coates Hire on your team you have access to expert advice and innovative solutions every step of the way.