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What is traffic control equipment?
Coates Hire traffic control equipment creates a safe and well-organised environment to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget. Our portable equipment is delivered and set up by trained traffic control professionals who understand workplace safety regulations. We establish a workable traffic plan that satisfies legal and council requirements to keep everyone safe.

Effective traffic control is used for roadworks, civil and government construction, event management, and other projects requiring tailored traffic guidance systems. Coates Hire traffic guidance and control equipment includes attenuators, message and arrow boards, traffic barriers, pedestrian barriers, road plates, illuminated traffic signals, lighting towers and more, all backed by 24/7 Coates Hire support.

Traffic control equipment serves many purposes. Our professional equipment will physically separate vehicles, machinery and people, while also protecting valuable assets like buildings, infrastructure and your company’s reputation. Coates Hire traffic control experts work with you to advise you regarding risks and establish workable and safe solutions. Traffic control products keep the work site safe; and that’s something Coates Hire is passionate about. 

What do traffic control devices include?
Traffic control devices available at Coates Hire cover the entire range for establishing optimum safety for large and small projects. Our equipment includes everything from solar powered electronic signage and traffic lights to traffic cones and glow-stick night wands. Coates Hire products include:

Electronic Traffic Equipment: Establish safe separation of vehicles, pedestrians and workers using arrow boards, solar traffic lights, speed advisory signs, trailer mounted attenuators, variable message signs and variable speed limit signs.
Portaboom: Remote-controlled boom gates for establishing safe traffic access to the work site. The Portaboom allows traffic controllers to work from a safe distance away from busy traffic and construction areas.
Traffic Management Equipment: Traffic management gear for hands-on work, including bollards, barricades, night wands, walkie-talkies, safety apparel and a whole lot more.
Armorzone: High visibility barrier units that are linked in straight or curved format using steel pin connectors. Armorzone is fast to set up and ideal for temporary work zone protection at roadworks and construction sites.
Delineators: Provide easy to follow guidance for drivers and pedestrians on roads and walkways. Keep traffic moving in the right direction and establish safety on the job site with a barrier that keeps others out of harm’s way.
Fencing: Secure your site access and valuable equipment with strong wire fencing. These sturdy fencing panels include conveniently installed gates and non-marking post-feet for use on any surface.
Traffic Barriers: For tough barrier solutions, consider Coates Hire concrete crash barriers, steel crash barriers, plastic crash barriers or crash cushions.
Plates; Bridges; Grids: Site access products available include temporary bridges, rumble grids, steel plates and wheel wash baths to eliminate the spread of contaminants.
How to manage traffic within a worksite?
Worksite traffic management includes a safe site, safe equipment and safe drivers. Traffic control equipment is an essential component for establishing safety on busy construction and industrial work sites.

Safe Site: The layout of your workplace traffic control equipment is an important step in keeping people safe. Coates Hire traffic management professionals will help you establish safe road and pedestrian areas, designated crossing points, lighting, directional indicators and speed management. We can create separate entrances for people and vehicles and offer quality training to ensure your worksite adheres to legal and council requirements.

Safe Equipment: Traffic control companies are expected to use purpose-designed equipment for every function. Coates Hire traffic management equipment is regularly serviced. Our traffic lights, traffic signs and other traffic control products are cleaned and checked prior to every hire. If you require traffic signs hire or other traffic management equipment in
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, our nation-wide network of hire centres will have exactly what you need.

Safe Operators: At Coates Hire, we take the extra step of providing
training courses to help you develop a capable and competent workforce. Our traffic controller and traffic management plan courses will take your business to the next level and establish your company’s reputation as a safe operator.
What traffic management equipment to use for motorists?
Motorist behaviour is strongly influenced by the quality of temporary traffic management systems, so it is crucial to get your equipment configuration right. You should install only that equipment appropriate for your workplace needs and be ready to adapt to changing worksite demands. The best temporary traffic management products are fast to set up and easy to remove when not in use.

Incorrect or inappropriate temporary traffic management equipment is dangerous. It can confuse motorists, compromise safety, reduce site effectiveness and potentially breach the law. These are just a few reasons to partner with Coates Hire traffic control professionals who are fully trained and ready to assist with your workplace safety configuration. You may be required to work in consultation with council or road authorities to establish:

  1. Safe and efficient operation of your workplace road and pedestrian network
  2. Leaders trained and qualified in traffic management coordination
  3. Use of approved temporary traffic control equipment
  4. Authorised vehicle access, speed limits, road closures and parking restrictions
  5. The use of appropriate regulatory signage
  6. Removal and storage of temporary traffic control equipment when not in use
With much to consider and workplace health and safety the number one consideration, it’s worth consulting with Coates Hire professionals prior to commencement of your project.
What traffic equipment to use for pedestrians?
The above considerations are equally important for pedestrian safety, and Coates Hire has the solutions you require. Appropriate traffic control equipment will separate pedestrians from vehicles, creating a safe flow of people and vehicles around the worksite. Coates Hire delineators, Armorzone and fencing all provide physical barriers to guide pedestrians when walking near busy work sites, while highly visible signage, lighting and communications devices all play their role. Coates Hire will help you establish your worksite needs for traffic and pedestrian management.
How to hire traffic management equipment at Coates Hire?
This is the easy part. With an Australia-wide network of hire centres, your nearest Coates Hire branch is not far away. You can visit us in person or hire online using our convenient online enquiry form. Simply fill in a few details, ask questions and provide an email address, and we will get back to you fast with the answers you need. You can even reserve equipment so it is ready when you are, ultimately saving you time and money on the job.

You can also contact us over the phone and speak to a Coates Hire service professional regarding your specific traffic control scenario. You may also like to investigate our accredited
training courses to upgrade your skill set, and utilise the experience of qualified Coates Hire professionals to establish a traffic control plan that satisfies all legal and government obligations. By working in partnership with Coates Hire, you are guaranteed of the best possible hire rates for precisely the equipment you need, allowing you to complete work safely, on time and on budget.