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Material Handling Equipment Hire
Whatever size of site you’re working on, material handling equipment takes the hard labour out of construction, demolition and renovation. Whether you need to move heavy materials, equipment or waste around your site, a material mover or lifting equipment makes the job easier, faster and safer for your workforce.

Coates Hire has a wide range of manual lifting equipment and automated material handling solutions to suit all types and sizes of projects, from conveyors and elevators to hoists, forklifts and telehandlers. Get in touch today or visit your nearest branch to hire material handling systems Australia wide.

What is material handling equipment?
Material handling is the transport of materials around a site, whether it’s a mining or construction site, warehouse, factory floor or other setting. It may involve moving materials long or short distances, loading and unloading from vehicles or lifting materials to heights. Materials, operators and structures must be secured and protected against damage during transport.

Material handling equipment may be manual, automated or semi-automated and is designed to make moving objects easier. Material handling covers transport equipment such as a material handling trolley or conveyor and positioning equipment such as hoists, as well as related equipment and accessories.

Why is material handling equipment important?
Without material handling solutions, projects have to rely on manual labour to carry and lift materials. As well as sometimes taking a physical toll on workers, manual handling can also be unsuitable if materials are too large or heavy to carry or if they need to be moved in areas where access is restricted.

Implementing material handling systems can save time and enhance productivity by moving more materials, improve safety by exposing workers to fewer risks and minimise damage to materials, buildings and other structures by ensuring materials are secured and protected during transport. Some tasks such as tall building construction are only possible with material handling solutions.


Different types of material handling solutions

Coates Hire has one of the widest ranges of material handling equipment for hire across Australia. Tell your local branch what you need and we’ll match you with the right tools for the job.

Conveyors & elevators

Move materials quickly and conveniently around sites with aluminium or steel conveyors and specialised tile, brick and block elevators. These can be installed in any configuration needed to get around obstacles and improve efficiency on construction, demolition, renovation or landscaping jobs. See all conveyors and elevators

Crane & forklift attachments

If you’re hiring a crane, forklift or telehandler, make sure it’s ready for everything with specialised attachments for the job you’re doing. Coates Hire has a wide range of attachments including forks, buckets, safety cages and slippers to extend a forklift’s range. See all crane and forklift attachments

Forklifts & telehandlers

Forklifts and telehandlers offer more manoeuvrability than conveyors or cranes to load, unload and move materials around variable paths. Coates Hire forklifts range from 1.8 tonne to 16 tonne and run on diesel, electric or LPG. Our telehandlers are available from 2.0 to 4.0 tonnes with a greater lifting height up to 17 metres. See all forklifts and telehandlers

Ladder hoists

If you need to move building materials to higher levels, ladder hoists are a convenient solution. These lightweight aluminium hoists are quick and easy to set up and use, with knuckle sections if you’re working with a pitched roof. See all ladder hoists

Pivot arm & material hoists

If you need to lift large or heavy objects for construction or specialised materials for roofing and renovations, Coates Hire can supply lifting equipment tailored to your needs. Our pivot arm material hoists and material lifts are available in a range of heights and capacities. See all pivot arm and material hoists

Rubbish chutes

Streamline waste disposal with heavy duty rubbish chutes that can be mounted in a variety of ways. Made from high-density polyethylene with secure supports, anti-spill barriers and lockable covers, these are ideal for buildings and structures of all sizes including high-rises. See all rubbish chutes

How to use material handling equipment

Most material handling systems in Australia need a human operator to work the controls. Operators should be appropriately trained and licensed if necessary and all relevant safety procedures must be followed. Equipment should be used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and should only ever be used for the tasks and with the materials it has been designed for.

If your operators need certification to use material handling equipment, Coates Hire offers a wide range of training courses across Australia through our registered training provider. Find out more

Why choose Coates Hire for material handling?

It’s important to choose the right equipment for every job. Coates Hire’s material handling equipment is built to last, available in all standard sizes and capacities with a range of power options and specialised accessories. Talk to your local branch and we’ll recommend the best equipment to help you complete your projects on time, without the runaround.

To get a quote or find out more, give us a call on 13 15 52, send an online enquiry below or visit your nearest branch.