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What is access equipment?
Access equipment for working safely at heights is essential in NSW, Vic, Qld and the rest of Australia for construction-based occupations. For many cases, the use of a cherry picker, boom lift or scissor lift provides a solution for building and yard maintenance DIY tasks. With the appropriate access equipment from Coates Hire, you remain in control of operations, standards and safety for a job well done.

Access equipment gets a person to an elevated work height safely and easily. Various access equipment designs facilitate different approaches to tricky angles and hard to reach spots. Access equipment available at Coates Hire includes knuckle booms, scissor lifts, straight booms, trailer mounted booms and personnel lifts.
  1. Knuckle Booms: Also known as articulating boom lifts, are used for the up-and-over approach if you need access above or around sheds, walls or other obstructions.
  2. Scissor Lifts: Ideal in almost all conditions, rough terrain scissor lifts include large work platforms, plus manual and self-levelling functions. Coates Hire offers both electronic and diesel scissor lifts.
  3. Straight Booms: If your construction or maintenance contractor requires access equipment that reaches maximum heights, a Coates Hire's telescopic boom lifts or other form of straight boom will fit the bill without a fuss.
  4. Trailer Mounted Booms: These can be towed by a regular vehicle and used on all firm surfaces. Tree lopping, painting and cleaning are all covered with a trailer mounted boom.
  5. Personnel Lifts: Maintaining elevated fixtures in shopping and commercial centres is easy on a self-propelled personnel lift (also known as man lifts or vertical lifts) For smaller jobs, a push-around personnel lift will fit the bill.
How much does it cost to hire a cherry picker or scissor lift?
With advanced planning and permissions in place, most cherry picker and scissor lift jobs can be performed within a day or two. A few days of access equipment lift hire isn't cost prohibitive in the big picture, and there are some tasks that can only be performed with the assistance of a cherry picker, diesel or electronic scissor lift or other access devices from Coates Hire.  

Maintenance can become the greater building and infrastructure expense over time, and keeping costs down is the key to profitability. By utilising the services of your local Coates Hire depot, you have access to the right equipment whenever it’s needed. This includes cherry pickers, scissor lifts, forklifts, telescopic boom lifts and man lifts at affordable prices to help you get the job done fast. 

How do I hire access equipment?
Whether you are an experienced tradesperson or a homeowner having a go at DIY projects, we have mobile access equipment available, and the skills and experience to assist. Simply investigate equipment hire options on our website and contact us over the phone or by using the convenient online enquiry form. If you prefer, visit your local Coates Hire branch in person, have a look around and speak to our helpful staff. We take pride in your work and want to help you get it right first time. Our range of access equipment for hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and other Australian capitals are unsurpassed, and we remain in touch with your service needs during every stage of your project. 

To ensure that you have the correct qualifications to operate our various access equipment, you must ensure you have completed your EWP (Elevated Work Platforms) licence training. Coates Hire offers EWP boom lift training courses with the highest safety standards so you can get the job done sooner.

Where can I hire access equipment?
With an Australia-wide network of equipment hire centres, Coates Hire won’t leave you stranded when you need access equipment for working at elevated heights. We have a huge fleet of access equipment, with every item maintained to highest safety standards. Coates Hire staff have the know-how to consult with your engineers, builders and construction workers to ensure you have appropriate access equipment for the job at hand. It’s as easy as contacting your nearest Coates Hire representative to get your job started.

You can use our website to enter your postcode in the ‘Find a Branch’ page search box or use the ‘Use my Location’ option to locate your nearest Coates Hire branch. We are situated in convenient suburban and regional Australian locations, with your quality equipment backed by a trusted team of maintenance engineers and service technicians. We take health and safety as high priorities for ultimate customer satisfaction.

How high does a cherry picker reach?
Our access hire collection at Coates Hire offers a wide range of cherry picker options. Our trailer mounted booms (diesel/electric) are available in various sizes, with potential for extending up to 15 metres, while diesel-driven straight booms at Coates Hire include options with reach from 12.1 – 45.7 metres.

There are numerous applications, both outdoor and indoor, for cherry pickers and other height access equipment, so if you are trying to organise a warehouse, control an overgrown orchard, maintain infrastructure, or perform any other job safely while working at heights, get in touch with us. We have an extensive range of hire equipment for performing every task properly, along with industry experience to back up our products. If you have a plan ready for action, we are your back up team at Coates Hire.

Why choose us?
Our extensive fleet of access equipment hire available at Coates Hire is safe, certified and ready for use. We supply everything a tradesperson or home-handyperson needs, and with more than 150 Coates Hire branches Australia-wide, we have your project covered. It’s a small step up to using the big equipment when Coates Hire is on the job.