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Landscaping Equipment 
Quality landscaping equipment will dramatically increase options for improving outdoor areas and provide a professional finish to any project. Hire equipment is ideal for taking on bigger tasks and building up a portfolio while your business is growing, and with machinery that is fully serviced and in top working order, safety is prioritised.
What is landscaping equipment?

At a minimum, most homeowners have a lawn mower and possibly a brush cutter and hedge trimmer in the garden shed. These machines are necessary for maintaining an established garden. However, there are lots more equipment ideas to consider if you are developing a plot of land from scratch or need some genuine muscle power. Landscaping equipment from Coates Hire is ideal for single-person use, easy to operate, and will help you take on major outdoor jobs with confidence.

Chainsaws: Every landscaping task requires tailored solutions, and Coates Hire has the chainsaw you need to do the job right. Small, lightweight chainsaws make pruning and shaping a breeze, while a large and powerful chainsaw can take on professional logging jobs.
Mulchers & Chippers: These easily operated machines turn garden waste into compost. Self-feeding mechanisms keep hands free of danger while the mulcher/chipper does the hard work for you. Larger models are towable behind a regular vehicle, providing a mobile workhorse for on-site professionalism, whether you are a business owner or DIY handyperson with a can-do attitude.
Post Hole Diggers: Suitable for cutting through almost any soil structure, including hard clay and rocky ground, post hole diggers are the secret behind fences and retaining walls that stand tall and last for decades. One and two-person operated diggers are ideal for use on smaller job sites and areas that can’t be accessed by a mini loader.
Rotary Hoe: Cultivating garden beds and preparing new turf areas is made easy with a powerful Coates Hire rotary hoe. Self-propelled and easy manoeuvred, a rotary hoe with counter-rotating tines and adjustable speed will break through difficult clay and compacted soil with ease.
Mini Dumper: Relocate or remove heavy materials such as bricks, concrete, sand and soil without breaking your back. Safe and stable heavy lifting, manoeuvrability and soft tracks that won’t damage turf or paving make this mini dumper an incredibly versatile piece of equipment for wide-ranging landscaping and construction applications.
Mini Loader: A multifunctional mini loader is perfect for manoeuvring in small or narrow access areas. Options include tyre or tack models that provide grip and mobility on all surfaces. Easy to drive and operate, and with high clearance over uneven ground, a mini loader can lift up to 260kg, ideal for loading trucks, trailers and bins for a safe and tidy work site.
Attachments: Landscaping equipment potential is maximised with special attachments, all available at Coates Hire. Your mini loader hire can include an auger, auger extension, tyne ripper, broom bucket or a 4 in 1 mini loader bucket for accomplishing difficult landscaping tasks easily.
Is landscaping equipment safe?

There is an element of danger with every landscaping or construction job, and Coates Hire is dedicated to minimising any risk. All Coates Hire equipment and machinery is regularly serviced. We ensure all equipment is clean, checked, and ready for use before every hire. Our team of experts is on hand for advice and guidance, allowing you to proceed with the appropriate knowledge and skills required for completing first-class landscaping work.

Why choose Coates Hire?

Coates Hire provides an Australia-wide equipment hire service with branches in all major cities and regional centres. We are accessible and personable, providing information about equipment in plain language that even a novice landscaper can understand. We offer a safety standard guarantee, same day delivery to your job site, and 24/7 online services to keep your project on track. You can even pre-book equipment to ensure it is available when you need it.

Coates Hire’s qualified professionals can help you manage your project every step of the way, and we offer a range of certified training courses to take your landscaping, building or construction service to the next level. We are your one-stop-shop for all equipment hire needs. Contact Coates Hire online, over the phone or in-store for more landscaping equipment ideas and inspiration.