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What is compaction equipment?
There are various types of compaction equipment used for building and construction. Some compaction machines apply only static force for pressure and kneading of the soil, relying on the dead weight and configuration of the machine. This static force affects only the top surface layer to a limited depth. Other compaction machines utilise engine-driven dynamic vibration and forceful impacts to increase the degree of compaction.
What are the four common types of compaction equipment?
There are a lot of considerations in choosing the right compaction equipment for your job. These include the volume and depth of soil to be compacted, the type of soil, load-bearing requirements of the compacted surface and the overall job size. Coates Hire solutions include a wide variety of compaction equipment and machinery for every soil compaction task.
Heavy duty padfoot rollers utilise large weights and high impact force to compact cohesive clay and mixed soils. Single drum padfoot rollers at Coates Hire range from 3t to 16t machines with a drum width of 2130mm. Large padfoot rollers include an air-conditioned cab for all-day comfort on the construction site.

These rollers have optimal compaction capacity for reinforcement of soil, gravel, asphalt, and various soil subgrades. Powerful compaction is achieved with dual vibrating and driving drums. Smooth double drum roller compacter equipment is ideal for compaction of asphalt when following an asphalt paving machine.

These smaller rammers and vibrating plate compactors are typically hand-held and manoeuvred by one person. The vibrating plates produce high-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations for compacting granular soils. These machines are typically used in narrow and congested areas where larger compaction machinery is not required.

These include remote-controlled padfoot trench rollers and single-person operated vibrating drum rollers. Specialist compaction equipment is used in restrictive areas for purposes that include compacting trenches prior to laying pipes and compacting small areas of asphalt paving.

What are the different methods of compaction?
There are two primary methods of compaction: static force and vibratory force. Static force refers to the downward force achieved by the dead weight of the compaction machine. Static force confines compaction to upper soil layers using pressure and kneading mechanisms. Vibratory force is created by engine-driven power in addition to the weight of the compaction machine. Vibratory force affects deeper soil layers as well as the top layer by moving soil particles close together for the highest density possible.
What is the process of compaction?
Commonly adopted techniques for soil compaction involve static or vibrating drum rollers, padfoot rollers and plate compactors. Coates Hire has all angles covered for compaction equipment and techniques, from large scale industrial equipment to hand-held Wacker Packer vibrating plate machines.

There is no one-size-fits-all compacting machine, and many builders and developers prefer compaction equipment rental instead of purchasing expensive machinery. Earth compaction equipment types have all been developed for specific tasks, and the extensive range of Coates Hire machinery makes compaction equipment hire the right choice in almost every situation.

Where to hire compaction equipment?
The answer is Coates Hire. We have more available equipment and machinery hire products than anyone else, an Australia-wide network of Coates Hire branches, professional service assistance, and compaction equipment hire rates that cannot be matched. At Coates Hire, you can even reserve equipment online so it is ready for you precisely when you need it. Contact Coates Hire online, over the phone, or in person at your nearest Coates Hire branch.