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Water Pump Hire
Water pumps and fluid management systems are essential components of the construction industry. Ground water on a work site can cause delays, downtime and budget blowouts, particularly during extended wet weather, and solutions are required. With water pump hire, operational costs and productivity are optimised, work can carry on as normal, and your work site will stay dry.

What are pumps and fluid management equipment used for?
Water pumps move water, sludge or other liquids from the work site, allowing work to continue even during bad weather. There are two main water pump types; centrifugal water pumps and displacement water pumps.

Centrifugal water pumps: A rotating impeller guides water into the pump and pressurises the flow.
Displacement water pumps: A flexible diaphragm and fixed amount of water flow; important for pumping at a steady rate.

How does a water pump work?
There are many types of water pumps and fluid management systems, and Coates Hire has them all for your convenience. The most common dewatering system is sump pumping, where a sump is installed using an excavator, and groundwater collected before being pumped off site.

Your site may benefit from a pre-drainage fluid management system with filtration for avoiding problems with water and silt. Another option is ‘jetting’, which includes well points connected to a suction pumping system.

Owning every piece of equipment required for construction isn’t always cost-effective, particularly when it’s for one-off use. Coates Hire understands the equation, and our Australia-wide network of hire centres and industry experts are up to the task with unbeatable water pump hire deals.

How many types of water pumps are there?
Water pumps and water management solutions are designed for wide-ranging applications, from ‘puddle suckers’ through to high volume water movers that can pump up to 1,690 litres per second. Here are a few solutions for your construction worksite.

Ground dewatering pumps: These fully silenced canopy pumps are ideal for water management in car parks, basements and other areas prone to flooding. Coates Hire ground dewatering pumps include diesel or electric models that provide single line, dual side or perimeter dewatering. We provide installation options to suit your site conditions for a speedy resolution of water problems.

Silenced canopy pumps: Environmentally friendly silenced canopy pumps are suitable for use in residential areas. These incredibly versatile pumps are used for well-pointing, sewer bypass and general sumping. The lockable canopy provides additional security for a safe workplace even when you are off site.

High head pumps: These powerful applications include mine-specified wiring and heavy-duty skid bases, plus suction hose hooks and winches tailored to your specific needs. Safety compliant high head pumps from Coates Hire will take care of the big jobs when nothing else can.

Large pumps: Our large pump range are purpose-built for flood pumping and general sump pumping. Vacuum primed and diesel driven flood pump solutions available include 300mm, 500mm and 650mm options for powerful flow. Our service includes a comprehensive range of hoses, pipes and fittings for your application. Sump pumps from 75mm to 650mm ensure your small construction site or large sewer bypass project won’t miss a beat.

Small pumps: Air diaphragms, flex drive pumps and portable trash pumps are all available at Coates Hire. Remove chemicals, slurries and sludge, combat sewerage problems, or utilise submersible, self-priming solutions for trouble-free water and waste management.

Submersible pumps: These incredibly versatile units can pump mud, sludge, sewerage and light slurry. Submersible pumps require minimal supervision and can have a float switch attached. Options include electric submersible pumps and diesel hydraulic units for areas where power is unavailable.

Sewer bypass pumps: Our manhole to mainline bypass pump units, diesel or electric, meet peak demand with high flow rates. Coates Hire options include SMS modems for monitoring effective pump operation at all times.

Water treatment solutions: Contaminated water treatment solutions include chemical dosing units, groundwater monitoring, chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT), filtration systems, sediment tanks, siltstoppers, solids dewatering systems and water quality monitoring.

How much does it cost for a water pump?
Large specialised pumps are expensive to purchase and beyond the reach of all but the largest construction companies. Equipment hire is the solution in most cases, and Coates Hire ensures you get exactly the right equipment at unbeatable hire rates. Our range of specialised pumps and water treatment solutions will allow you to keep your project moving forward without breaking the bank. Enquire online, call over the phone, or drop into your nearest Coates Hire branch for more information.

How to manage water on site?
Water and work sites don’t mix and Coates Hire carries the largest pump fleet in Australia. Specialised solutions are required for wide-ranging water pump applications and knowing which pump to use at your site is the first consideration. If you require submersible pump hire, sludge pump hire, 12 volt electric water pump hire or any other fluid management solution, speak to the Coates Hire experts and get your project back on track.
Why choose Coates Hire for water management equipment?
Coates Hire are the trusted Australia-wide hire service. Our network of 150 machinery and equipment hire branches is unmatched, allowing you to get on with the job wherever you are. Our team of project specialists and engineers are dedicated to bringing your project to life with the best advice and assistance possible, while also saving you time and money.