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What lighting equipment can I hire?
The lighting equipment you use should be suitable for the job at hand. There are two main lighting types used in construction jobs: flood lights and light towers. Whether you need to illuminate a large construction site, shine a targeted light for precision work, or light up the backyard for a party, Coates Hire has the answers.
  • Hydraulic lighting towers: Towable lighting towers for illuminating a large area. They are suitable for construction, emergency repair or maintenance work. The lights can be adjusted and directed for targeted illumination.
  • Hydraulic lighting towers (mine spec): Mine spec lighting towers are towable and offer superior light output and impressive durability for use in tough working environments.
  • Lighting towers LED: LED lighting provides energy-efficient illumination with less heat emission. LED lighting towers at Coates Hire are for all-weather performance and are free of harmful materials, with zero carbon emissions.
  • TL 90: This unit is compact and easy to transport, with 4 x 4000W LED lights for directional and clear light and potential to illuminate up to 100 metres.
  • Balloon lights: Balloon lights are towable, with the light tower raised by hydraulic action. If you require glare-free lighting for your construction job, consider balloon lights.
  • Small lighting stands: Coates Hire small lighting stands and twin-head floodlights are a practical solution for mechanical and engineering workshops. Transportable in most vehicles, and easy to set up indoors or outside, these lights have unlimited applications.
  • Uplights: Uplights are freestanding and return to upright position if accidently knocked. They can be used individually or paired together to create adequate light for trenching work. They are popular with drainlayers, builders and maintenance personnel.
When should I hire a light tower?
If you require daylight-like illumination for night time work, a light tower from Coates Hire will do the trick. We have a huge range of towable diesel powered light towers suitable for construction and repair jobs. Coates Hire light towers are used by professional builders to ensure workplace health and safety standards are followed.
What are flood lights used for?
Flood lights have unlimited applications and are the most popular style of light for outdoor use. Flood lights are commonly seen during night time roadworks and construction projects. Floodlights cast a wide beam suitable for illuminating a large area, making them ideal for sporting events and festivals after dark.
Does Coates Hire have small lighting solutions?
We sure do. Our small lighting stands are the product of choice for tradies, services, and DIY handypersons who need to illuminate a small area. Our twin-head floodlights and lighting stands offer optimum brightness. Coates Hire freestanding and hand-held lights are in demand with specialist tradespersons, builders and maintenance personnel.
Is Coates Hire lighting equipment safe to use outdoors?
Coates Hire has a huge range of lighting equipment, light towers and accessories for use indoors and outside. Much of our equipment and machinery is designed for high performance in all weather conditions. Contact a Coates Hire service professional regarding your chosen lighting equipment and its suitability for indoor or outdoor applications.