Rising construction activity on Australia’s east coast is driving a renewal of the Coates Hire fleet. Dylan Camarsh, Coates Hire’s Group Manager – Deployment, says the last three months has seen significant commitments to infrastructure in Sydney, around New South Wales and in Victoria.

“When the big projects get into the serious planning phase, we need the fleet,” says Camarsh. “And as higher quality equipment, with greater efficiency, becomes available, the customers want the latest and the best.”
From August until Christmas, Camarsh says Coates Hire will be commissioning $15 million worth of generators, from small mobile petrol-driven power-plants (4kva), to the skid-mounted generators which range from 24 to 500 kva.

Coates Hire is also investing in $7 million worth of shoring and propping equipment, which includes the Mega Brace hydraulic systems and other specialist propping equipment, required by construction and demolition operators.

To service the shut-down and construction markets, Camarsh says Coates Hire has ordered 250 new site containers, which are used to store and dispense tools and equipment. The company is also buying $4.5 million worth of telehandlers, scissor lifts and material hoists.

Camarsh says because of the amount of road construction work around Sydney and NSW, Coates Hire is buying 50 new trench rollers, 141 variable message boards – the traffic control signs that can have messaging programmed into them – and more of the BG 800 steel traffic safety barriers which are popular because of their high impact rating. There’s been additional, significant investment in LED Lighting Towers to meet market demand for more efficient and environmentally-friendly options.

Coates Hire is also investing in new trucks, rock drills, reo-cutters and benders, portable buildings, ablution blocks and specialist site safety equipment such as fire fighting trailers and first aid buildings. The company has invested in new compressors: thirty 175 cfm compressors and 20 of the massive 1050 compressors, mainly for mining and industrial clients.

“It signals an uptick in the market,” says Camarsh, “especially on the east coast. This is part of our commitment to providing reliable and modern equipment to customers.”

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