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Angle Grinder - 125mm - 240V

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A powerful, versatile, time-saving hand tool. The tough disk can cut or grind steel and masonry. Small and multifunctional, the 125mm electric angle grinder is ideal for light demolition work, surface preparation and maintenance tasks. Precise trimming of slate, tiles and pavers is also easily achieved. Electric power provides consistent torque for taking on tough jobs.
Ear Protection
Hard Hat
Safety Boots
Abrasive cutting and grinding for steel, stone, tiles and more. An angle grinder is safe to use in tandem with a face mask, gloves, and long sleeves for protecting the body from flying sparks. Portable, easy to operate and a cinch to control, an angle grinder will take over the tough tasks, allowing the user to focus on accuracy and precision.
How to use an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are safe to use after a little guidance and instruction. The powerful grinding disk revolves at high speeds to cut bricks, metal and masonry. This small unit is gripped with both hands for controlled use, with disk power providing all the cutting energy required. 

How to cut pavers with an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are ideal for cutting pavers. The disk cuts through concrete in similar fashion to larger concrete cutting machinery, facilitating a straight and accurate cut. Avoid excess dust by wetting the concrete first or using a dust extraction system. Check out Coates Hire small and large angle grinders and other cutting machinery.

How much to hire an angle grinder?

At Coates Hire, we keep angle grinder hire cost affordable. Our Australia-wide network of hire centres partnerships with leading manufacturers means we get the best price and pass the saving on to you. Small angle grinder hire rates of around $40 per day make it easy to complete major construction jobs without breaking the bank. 
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Angle Grinder - 125mm - 240V