Coates Hire partners with a number of highly successful Australian companies – one is BMD.

BMD is a real Australian success story - a Queensland family business that has become one of the country’s largest privately owned companies engaged in engineering design, construction and land development for clients and partners in the urban development, transport infrastructure and resources and energy sectors.

Since 1979, the company’s capabilities and expertise have grown and its geographical footprint has expanded.
Currently BMD’s largest project is the construction of the Port of Melbourne’s new $200m International Container Terminal in Victoria. When completed in late 2017, the terminal will include a 10-hectare empty container park and will handle up to 1.4 million standard containers annually.

Throughout Queensland, BMD have been responsible for successfully delivering many large infrastructure projects including the recently opened Legacy Way tunnel. The 4.6km tunnel connects the Western Freeway at Toowong with the Inner City Bypass in a four-minute journey. It is the last link in Brisbane City Council’s TransApex ring road of major bypasses and key river crossings around the city centre.

BMD has experienced rapid growth in NSW over the past year and 2015 also saw them open an office in Western Australia where they currently have a number of projects underway.
As BMD has grown, their business has maintained very strong relationships with critical suppliers, including Coates Hire.
“We’re supplying equipment from the majority of the Coates Hire product range and it is our ability to do this nationally that ensures we are a valued partner for BMD,” says Nick Moloney, Coates Hire’s Business Development Manager – Civil.

“Essentially, we provide everything from a Portaloo and site accommodation through to large earthmoving equipment.”
Terry Waterson, BMD’s Operations Manager Northern Region, says the long-term relationship with Coates Hire means the company engages with Coates Hire from pre-tender phase through to delivery phase to optimise BMD’s delivery strategy.

“We see the relationship defined more along the lines of a delivery partner on our projects, rather than a traditional client/supplier relationship. This is manifested through a joint commitment that the priority is always to maintain the momentum of construction, knowing that both our businesses benefit from the successful delivery of projects,” says Terry.

“We have a limited number of key partners nationally that we know we can rely on to consistently deliver the service as promised, and Coates Hire stands out as one of these. An example is that, as we continue to expand geographically and we are set to do business in a regional area we have not worked in before, our first point of contact is often the local Coates Hire representative to assist with key assets.”

Nick says Coates Hire engages with BMD during the tender stage to offer specialist knowledge around areas such as ground support, engineering services, water management and the setting up of site accommodation.

“When BMD are successful in being awarded projects, we are well positioned to supply the equipment discussed during the tender stage. We continue to work with BMD staff to gain equipment forecasts so we can make sure the gear is available when required,” says Nick.

"The longstanding relationship with BMD is based on Coates Hire supporting their projects nationally. They know we are capable of assisting them to deliver projects on time and under budget and see Coates Hire as an integral part of their success.”

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