When BMD Group needed safety training for a diverse range of employees, Coates Hire helped deliver a Training Day.
BMD is a national, fully integrated group of companies which encompasses engineering, design, civil construction and land development. As part of BMD’s commitment to continuous improvement and Zero Harm, the company sought to promote safe, daily, onsite operations, with the key challenge being to align safe working methodologies across a diverse spread of projects and teams.

The company partnered with Coates Hire Training Services – a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – to conduct BMD’s annual Sydney Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) training day, at Coates Hire’s training facility at Ingleburn, Sydney.

Paul McDonough, RTO Manager of Coates Hire Training Services, says the 90 employees were split into six groups which rotated through the teaching units: emergencies, environmental practices, safety conversations, unloading and loading plant awareness, underground asset (services) awareness, and pre-start plant and equipment.
“In our industry workers are exposed to risk on a daily basis,” says McDonough. “We have to be proactive in our approach to safety.”

He says the benefit of a single training day approach was that employees of all levels and responsibilities were shown specific safety risks and how to mitigate them.
McDonough says specific attention was given to pre-start protocols for elevated work platforms and the use of underground assets such as vacuum excavators. “The safest workplaces are inevitably those where everyone has a knowledge of the risks, and they truly believe Zero Harm is achievable. I take my hat off to the BMD employees who gave up their Saturday to come out to Ingleburn and learn these things. It shows they are committed to a Zero Harm workplace.”

BMD Constructions’ Business Systems Manager for NSW/ACT, Frank Vlatko, says the role of the training day was to bring together different work-groups and ensure employees had a working knowledge of safety issues they might never be exposed to.

“BMD strives for Zero Harm with a family-orientated culture based on looking out for each other. We are encouraged to aim for continual improvement and to call a stop to practices that are unsafe,” says Vlatko. “To identify a practice that might harm a work mate, you have to know the difference between safe and unsafe, and this is where ongoing training is of the utmost importance.”

He says the six training units were identified across the business as key areas where greater consistency would benefit everyday operations. Different project teams and office staff were mixed together in groups to approach each of the six topics during the day.”

Vlatko says BMD has a long association with Coates Hire and the two organisations tailored the training. “We brought together ninety people on a Saturday morning. They had very different jobs and levels of responsibility and we needed training professionals who could engage them all.
“We put a large group of people through some very comprehensive training,” says Vlatko. “Things went really smoothly. Feedback from the participants confirmed it was a successful day and another step towards our Zero Harm goal.”

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