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Crash Cushions

Code: TRA25-1
Barrier crash cushions are deployed next to temporary steel barriers as an energy absorbing device when impacted by a vehicle. Crash cushion barrier systems are known to reduce the extent of vehicle damage and driver injury upon impact, making them an important health and safety consideration during roadworks and construction operations.
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Model / Size
Barrier - End Treatment - Crash Cushion 80klm
Barrier - End Treatment - Crash Cushion 100klm
End Treatment Barrier Adsorb 350km/h Kit
End Treatment Barrier BG800 Adsorb 350km/h – 70km/h Kit
Crash cushion road safety barriers are designed to minimize vehicle damage upon impact with the crash barrier. Crash cushions provide a little bend and flex during impact, making them a useful and safe barrier option.
How do crash cushions work?
Absorb 350 crash cushions, for example, are a water filled barrier system that has been proven effective at National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 350 test levels. 

How does a crash attenuator cushion work?
A crash attenuator cushion works by absorbing kinetic energy from speeding vehicles. An impact attenuator keeps people in the forward vehicle safer while deployed on busy highways and motorways. 

How are crash cushions installed?
The installation of crash cushions should be performed by experienced personnel familiar with the system. Compressor crash cushion barrier systems available from Coates Hire are designed using ultra high strength steel panels and are fast to set up. 

Where to hire crash cushions?
Crash cushions approved to NCHRP 350 standards can be hired Australia-wide from your nearest Coates Hire depot. We supply barrier crash cushions, temporary steel barriers, attenuators and other road safety equipment for the best possible crash cushion price. 
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Crash Cushions