Surveillance and Inspection is one of the most important issues on many worksites, with expensive and potentially dangerous methods currently being used to survey sites, identify problems and monitor progress. Modern worksites require modern solutions, with drone inspection fast becoming the preferred method of inspecting  asset integrity. To address this need, Coates Hire’s Industrial Solutions offer cutting-edge drone inspection to clients of all descriptions. Could your worksite benefit from using drones? 


How drone surveillance works?

When you enlist Coates Hire’s drone services, you’ll receive a 3D model of your asset, created using numerous images taken by drones. This asset could be a small vessel, a building, worksite or even a large industrial plant. 

The 3D model generated allows you to zoom in on your asset, right down to the granular level of paint peels and cracked welds. This model then acts as a comparison point for future 3D models which can be created months later, revealing how well the asset is being maintained, how it is degrading over time, and what sorts of predictive and planned maintenance should be carried out. These 3D models are also a fantastic way of illustrating the progress of a construction project to a client, allowing them to see developments across time. You can also make annotations directly onto the 3D model and pass this data onto your maintenance team, and engineers offsite adding substance to your worksite planning. 

These detailed and accurate digital replicas offer the ultimate virtual inspection, and are the way of the future when it comes to site surveys. 


What drone surveillance looks like? 

Coates Hire’s powerful suite of tools provide a comprehensive virtual inspection to our clients. These tools allow you to: 

  • Mark your findings directly onto the 3D model using simple annotation cards;
  • Measure distances, heights and slopes;
  • Measure area, tilt and azimuth;
  • Assess the cause of a defect or monitor its changes over time;
  • Keep data in one place, including position information, history log and high-res images;
  • Communicate with your team to discuss asset issues and solutions;
  •  and generate high-impact reports.


Who might need drone surveillance?

Coates Hire offers drone inspection services to a diverse array of clients with varying assets. We’ve had success and promising cases so far, for example:


  • A client who works in the gold mining industry identified deficiencies in their elevated conveyor system and loose rock that was about to fall, potentially on workers below. Our drone was able to effectively spot these hazards in a location that human surveillance would have likely missed, or been extremely costly to investigate with rope access teams and scaffold;
  • Taking thermal images and drone photos of a railyard’s power lines inspecting for hotspots, allowing for preventative maintenance to reduce fire hazards, having the potential to save lives while also being a far more effective way to carry out surveillance.


Why you should seek out drone surveillance for your next project?


Drone surveillance is a tool that few worksites could afford to miss out on. It allows you to:

  • Reduce costs: Maintenance and repairs can be planned ahead of time, allowing you to budget for forecasted works, reduce the costs of human labour and plant downtime;
  • Improve safety: Because rope access teams and scaffolding are no longer needed,  team members will not have to traverse their way into difficult and dangerous areas;
  • Improve efficiency: Imagery can be shared with your global team, allowing for seamless collaboration. 


To start enjoying the benefits of drone surveillance, contact Coates Hire today.

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